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Payers List
ClaimPayer IDServiceAdditional Infomation
1199 SEIU National Benefit Fund13162Claims
21st Century Insurance and Financial Services51028Claims
2020 Eyecare2020EClaims
360 Alliance PPO Gilsbar07205Claims
3P ADMIN20413Claims
8th Distric Electrical74234Claims
A & I Benefit Plan Administrators93044Claims
AARP Hospital Indemnity Plans insured by UnitedHealthcare Insurance Company36273Claims
AARP Medicare Supplement Plans insured by UnitedHealthcare Insurance Company36273Claims
AARP MedicareComplete insured through UnitedHealthcare (AARP MedicareComplete Mosaic)87726Claims
AARP MedicareComplete insured through UnitedHealthcare (formerly AARP MedicareComplete from SecureHorizons)87726Claims
AARP MedicareComplete insured through UnitedHealthcare / Oxford Medicare Network, former payer id 0611187726Claims
Abrazo Advantage Health Plan03443Claims
Abri HealthplanABRI1Claims
Access AdministratorsAHS01Claims
Access Behavioral CareCOACCClaims
Access Medical GroupAMG01Claims
Access Medical Group95424Claims
Acclaim IPAMHIPAClaims
Acclaim IPA (MHCAC)MHIPAClaims
Accountable HC IPA (Customer Service (562) 435-3333 for claims with DOS prior to 5/1/15)AHIPAClaims
Healthsmart Benefit Solutions (Wells Fargo TPA, formerly Acordia National)87815Claims
ACS Benefit Services, inc.72467Claims
ACS Benefits Payer CompassPA331Claims
Activa Benefits Services, LLC (Formerly Amway Corporation)38254Claims
Administrative Services, Inc.59141Claims
Adminstrative Concepts, Inc.22384Claims
Advance Benefit Mgmt Systems USA Incorp66457Claims
Advanced Data Solutions58202Claims
Advanstaff, Inc.74234Claims
Advantage Care IPAACIPAClaims
Advantage Health Network IPANMM01Claims
Advantage Health Solutions, Inc.35209Claims
Advantage Preferred Plus (Old payerID of 77070 will be valid for a limited time.)35219Claims
Advantek Benefit Administrators83077Claims
Advantica Benefits59374Claims
Advanzeon Solutions59314Claims
Adventist Health System95340Claims
Advocate Health Centers (AHC)36320Claims
Advocate Health Partners (PHO)65093Claims
Aegis Administrative ServicesCB637Claims
Aetna Affordable Health Choices (SM) - SRC57604Claims
Aetna Better Health - PA Medicaid23228Claims
Aetna Better Health Medicaid IL26337Claims
Aetna Better Health Nevada128NVClaims
Aetna Better Health NY34734Claims
Aetna Better Health Kansas128KSClaims
Aetna Better Health of Kentucky128KYClaims
Aetna Better Health of Louisiana128LAClaims
Aetna Better Health of Maryland128MDClaims
Aetna Better Health of Michigan128MIClaims
Aetna Better Health of New Jersey46320Claims
Aetna Better Health of Ohio50023Claims
Aetna Better Health of Virginia128VAClaims
Aetna Better Health of West Virginia128WVClaims
Aetna Health Plan - PPO60054Claims
Aetna Life & Casualty Company60054Claims
Aetna TX Medicaid & CHIP38692Claims
Affiliated Doctors of Orange CountyADOCSClaims
Affiliated Physicians IPAPOP06Claims
Affinity Essentials23334Claims
Affinity Health Plans (Contact Affinity EDI Coordinator before submitting claims electronically at EDI@Affinityplan.org or call 718- 794-7592.)13334Claims
Affinity Health Plans (TMG Health) (Effective for Medicare claims with DOS on or after 01/01/2010)13333Claims
Affordable Benefit Administrators, Inc. (Claims with the following address should only be sent to this payerID: ABA, PO BOX 10787, Burbank, CA 91510-0787)95426Claims
Agewell New YorkAWNY6Claims
AGIA Inc (Claims are printed and mailed to the payer.)95241Claims
Agua CalienteAGUA1Claims
AHPO (Cleveland, OH)31138Claims
AIG Chartis19402Claims
AIG Educational Markets (Formerly Maksin Management Corporation)22195Claims
AKM Medical GroupIP080Claims
Alameda Alliance for Health (Provider must contact payer to be approved. Contact at Alameda is Anet Quiambao at 510-747-6153 or aquiambao@alamedaalliance.com)95327Claims
Alamitos IPA (Customer Service 562-602-1563)AIPAZClaims
Alaska Childrens Services, Inc91136Claims
Alaska Laborers Construction Industry Trust91136Claims
Alaska Pipe Trades Local 37591136Claims
Alaska United Food & Commercial Workers Health & Welfare Trust91136Claims
Albuquerque Public Schools85600Claims
Alexian Brothers Community Services of Tennessee44423Claims
Alignment HealthcareCCHPCClaims
All Savers Insurance / UnitedHealthcare81400Claims
AllCare (Must contact AllCare, 800-564-6901 for setup and payerID.)CALLClaims
AllCare PEBB26158Claims
Aliera Health CareALH01Claims
Allegian Choice55649Claims
Allegiance Benefit Plan Management, Inc.81040Claims
Alliance Coal Health Plan93658Claims
Alliance Physicians High Desestt22417Claims
Alliant Health Plans of Georgia58234Claims
Allied Benefit Systems37308Claims
Allied Physicians of California IPANMM01Claims
Alpha Care Medical GroupACMG1Claims
Alphacare Medical GroupMPM32Claims
Alta Bates Medical GroupA0701Claims
Alternative Opportunities16089Claims
Amalgamated Life - PA/Alicare13343Claims
Amalgamated Transit Union Division 1001 Health & Welfare FundCOMPUClaims
Ambetter of Arkansas68069Claims
Ameriben - IEC Group97661Claims
Ameriben Solutions75137Claims
Americaid Community Care (Houston)27515Claims
Americaid Community Care (Maryland)27517Claims
Americaid Community Care (New Jersey)27516Claims
American Administrative Group - AAG (Formerly known as UICI Administrators75240Claims
American Administrative Group (formerly Gallagher Benefit)37283Claims
American Behavior63103Claims
American Benefits Plan Administrators (Las Vegas, NV)59140Claims
American Family (administered by American Republic)56071Claims
American Family Health ProvidersIP080Claims
American Family InsuranceTH095Claims
60801American Fidelity Assurance Company60801Claims
American General62030Claims
American Healthcare Alliance01066Claims
American Healthcare Alliance01066Claims
American Insurance Company of TX81949Claims
American LIFECARE (Group Number required. Valid only for claims with a billing address of 1100 Poydras ST. #2600, New Orleans, LA 70163)72099Claims
American National Insurance Co74048Claims
American Postal Workers Union Health Plan44444Claims
American Republic Insurance Company42011Claims
American Specialty HealthASH01Claims
American Therapy Administrators ATA WisconsinATHALClaims
American Worker Health Plan37322Claims
Americas 1st Choice Health Plans of South Carolina20553Claims
Americas 1st Choice of South Carolina, Inc.55349Claims
America's Choice NMA20029Claims
America's Health Choice21810Claims
America's PPO (Formerly known as ARAZ.)16120Claims
America's PPO / America's TPA41178Claims
AmeriChoice NJ, Medicaid, NJ Family Care (UnitedHealthcare Community Plan)86047Claims
Amerigroup - Illlinois28804Claims
Amerigroup - Maryland and District of Columbia28807Claims
Amerigroup - New Jersey28806Claims
Amerigroup of Iowa26375Claims
Amerigroup / Americaid - Houston28805Claims
AMERIGROUP Georgia27514Claims
Amerigroup Houston (Claims and Encounters)26374Claims
Amerigroup Illinois (Claims and Encounters27518Claims
Amerigroup Multiple States (Claims and Encounters)26378Claims
Amerigroup of Florida28809Claims
Amerigroup Ohio (Claims and Encounters27518Claims
AMERIGROUP Tennessee27514Claims
AmeriHealth - New Jersey (Non-HMO Claims)SX075Claims
AmeriHealth Administrators54763Claims
AmeriHealth Caritas Louisiana (Formerly known as LA Care)27357Claims
AmeriHealth Caritas Healthplan New Hampshire87716Claims
AmeriHealth Caritas VIP Care77062Claims
AmeriHealth Caritus VIP Care Plus (Michigan)77013Claims
Amerihealth Delaware77799Claims
Amerihealth District of Columbia (For EDI Support, please email edi.dc@amerihealthdc.com or call 1-888-656-2383)77002Claims
AmeriHealth HMO New Jersey and Delaware23037Claims
Amerihealth HMO NJ and Delaware95044Claims
AmeriHealth Mercy Health Plan22248Claims
AmeriHealth NorthEast77001Claims
Amerikids-Dallas/Ft. Worth26374Claims
Amfirst Insurance Company64090Claims
AM-First Insurance Morgan White (Payer accepts secondary claims only, and Medicare cannot be primary payer.)01757Claims
Amida Care (Formerly Vida Care.)24818Claims
Amida Care Medicare79966Claims
Amway Corporation38254Claims
Anaheim Memorial IPA (MHCAN)MHIPAClaims
Anchor Benefit Consulting53085Claims
Ancillary Benefits/Arizona Foundation for Medical CareAZFMCClaims
Anerican Founders Life Ins Co (NFL Plans only)98205Claims
Angeles IPA (SynerMed)75299Claims
Antares Management Solutions34192Claims
Anthem BCBS Indiana00630Claims
Anthem BCBS Virginia00423Claims
Anthem Blue Cross of CaliforniaBC001Claims
Anthem Medicaid (WI) (Formerly BadgerCare)WIBLSClaims
Anthem of ColoradoCOBLSClaims
Anthem of NevadaNVBLSClaims
Apex Benefit Services (Claims must contain the rendering provider ID or the claim will reject.)34196Claims
APEX Healthcare (Now knows as Access Community Health Network)ACCOMClaims
ARAZ (Now known as America's PPO.)16120Claims
Arbor Health52312Claims
Arcadian Management Services, Inc (Group number should be entered if available. )61101Claims
Argus Dental and VisionARGUSClaims
Arise Health Plan (Formerly Prevea Health)39185Claims
Arizona Foundation for Medical CareAZFMCClaims
Arizona Medicaid (AHCCCS)AZMCDClaims
Arizona Physicians IPA (APIPA) (UnitedHealthcare Community Plan)03432Claims
Arizona Pipe Trades Health and Welfare Trust Fund Local Union Nos. 469 & 741 Metal Trades Health Plan74234Claims
Arizona Priority Care Plus27154Claims
Arkansas Best Corporation (previous payer ID 75278, new payer ID is effective for claims submitted December 15, 2017 and after).62308Claims
Arkansas Managed Care Organization (AMCO)62176Claims
Arkansas Total Care68069Claims
Arnett Health Plan - former payer id 9544087726Claims
Arroyo Viata Family Health CenterNMM01Claims
Arta Health NetworkWMM01Claims
Asian American Medical GroupAAMG1Claims
Aspen Insurance16180Claims
Aspire Health Plan46156Claims
ASR Corporation38265Claims
ASRM CorporationASRM1Claims
Associates for Healthcare36326Claims
Assurant Employee Benefits (Formerly Fortis Insurance)39065Claims
Assurant Health Self Funded (MUST VERIFY ALL CLAIMS SHOULD GO TO ALLIED BENEFIT for Assurant Health Self Funded groups with Plan effective dates after 5/1/2013)75068Claims
Assured Benefits Administrators74240Claims
Asuris Northwest/MedAdvantage (REF*1B*Provider ID in Billing and Rendering required even when NPI is submitted.)SX179Claims
Asuris NW Health93221Claims
Atlantic Medical22285Claims
Atlantis Eye CareAEC01Claims
Atlas Life Ins Co (NFIC Plan only)90956Claims
Atrio Health Plan (Formerly known as Marion Polk Health Plan Advantage)MPCHAClaims
Automated Benefit Services (ABS)38259Claims
Automated Group Administration, Inc.37280Claims
Automotive Machinists Local 289 Health & Welfare Trust - Grp#F3291136Claims
Avalon Healthcare Solutions (Must contact the payer directly at Provider Services @ 855-895-1676 prior to sending claims.)AVA01Claims
Avalon Healthcare Solutions North CarolinaAVA02Claims
Avalon IPAIP080Claims
Avante Health (Customer Service 559-261-9060)AH001Claims
Avectus Healthcare Solutions (Call 855-AVECTUS)MP001Claims
Avera Health Plans46045Claims
Avesis Third Part Administrators87098Claims
AVMED-Parity Healthcare (OB/GYN only)58204Claims
Axminister Medical GroupAXM01Claims
AZ Integrated PhysiciansNCHONClaims
Bakersfield Family Medical CenterBKRFMClaims
Bakery & Confectionery Union and Industry International HealthBCTF1Claims
Banner Health12X42Claims
Banner Health & Aetna Health Insurance Company67895Claims
Banner Medisun77078Claims
Banner University Family Care (University of Arizona Health Plans)66901Claims
Baptist Health Plan (Formerly Bluegrass Family Health)61124Claims
Baptist Health South Florida65026Claims
Baycare Life Management59279Claims
Baycare Select Health Plans Incorp81079Claims
BCBS Of Michigan (Dental Claims Only)BBMDQClaims
BCBS of Texas Medicaid (Plan effective December 1, 2015)66001Claims
BCBS Western NY MedicaidWNYMDClaims
Beacon Health Options (Formerly Value Options)VALOPClaims
Beacon Health Strategies (Providers need to call Provider Relations Dept at 781-994-7576 to register before sending claims.)43324Claims
Behavioral Health Systems63100Claims
Behavioral Healthcare, Inc.BHI00Claims
Bella Vista Med Grp IPAMPM10Claims
Benefit & Risk Management Services (Commercial Medicare under Med3000)99320Claims
Benefit Administration Services41205Claims
Benefit Administrative Systems36149Claims
Benefit Concepts51037Claims
Benefit Coordinators Corporation25145Claims
Benefit Management LLC/VBA88092Claims
Benefit Management Services56139Claims
Benefit Management Systems, Inc of Mississippi37212Claims
Benefit Management, Inc. of KS (Only accepts claims for these groups BMI187,BMI219,BMI234,BMI236,BMI214,BMI241,BMI617 BMI246,BMI246.)48611Claims
Benefit Plan Administrators Co. (Payer ID valid only for claims with a billing submission address of PO Box 1128, Eau Claire, WI 54702- 1128)39081Claims
Benefit Systems and Services, Inc.36342Claims
Benefit Trust Life Insurance Company61425Claims
Benesight (formerly The TPA)87265Claims
BeneSys, Inc. (Now known as Sheet Metal Workers Local 104)38238Claims
Berkshire Health Partners23243Claims
Berkshire Intergroup10956Claims
Best Life & Health Insurance Co.95604Claims
Better Health Plan of Florida (For claims rejections, contact payer at 800-514-4561 and select provider services option.)20488Claims
Beverly Alianza IPAPOP05Claims
BHSF International67668Claims
Big Lots Associates Benefit PlansCX025Claims
BIND (UHC Choice Plus Multiplan)25463Claims
Block Vision of TexasBVTX1Claims
Block Vision, Inc.BV001Claims
Blue Advantage of ArkansasARBLSClaims
Blue Care PPOVABLSClaims
Blue Chip of Rhode IslandRICHPClaims
Blue Choice Medicaid00403Claims
Blue Choice of Rochester NYN6BLSClaims
Blue Choice of South Carolina00922Claims
Blue Cross Blue Shield Michigan MedicareMIMCRClaims
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona53589Claims
Blue Cross Blue Shield of FloridaFLBLSClaims
Blue Cross Blue Shield Of Western New YorkN1BLSClaims
Blue Cross Community Solutions (Effective 12-14-14. Payer was previously known as IL BCBS ICP with a payerID of 00621)MCDILClaims
Blue Cross Complete32002Claims
Blue Cross Complete of Michigan, LLCMIBCNClaims
Blue Cross Medicare Advantage (For DOS after 01-01-2017 and for MemberID starting with YDL, YDJ, XOD, XOJ, ZGD,ZGI, ID,YIJ, YUX and UYB only)66006Claims
Blue Cross MI Blue Care CompleteMIBCNClaims
Blue Cross of CaliforniaBC001Claims
Blue Cross of IdahoIDBLCClaims
Blue Grass Family Health (SRRIPA)15754Claims
Blue Lake RancheriaIP061Claims
Blue Medicare of North Carolina (Contracted providers only. Call 888- 296-9790)CALLClaims
Blue Shield of AlabamaALBLSClaims
Blue Shield of AlaskaAKBLSClaims
Blue Shield of ArizonaAZBLSClaims
Blue Shield of ArkansasARBLSClaims
Blue Shield of CaliforniaBS001Claims
Blue Shield of Central NY HMO/PPON2BLSClaims
Blue Shield of ColoradoCOBLSClaims
Blue Shield of ConnecticutCTBLSClaims
Blue Shield of DelawareDEBLSClaims
Blue Shield of Georgia (State Health of GA)GABLSClaims
Blue Shield of HawaiiHIBLSClaims
Blue Shield of Idaho (Per Provider Testing)IDBLSClaims
Blue Shield of IllinoisILBLSClaims
Blue Shield of IndianaINBLSClaims
Blue Shield of IowaIABLSClaims
Blue Shield of Iowa (For Secondary claims only where Medicare is primary) (Provider must be enrolled with IABLS prior to sending to this payer. )IABLMClaims
Blue Shield of KansasKSBLSClaims
Blue Shield of Kansas CityKCBLSClaims
Blue Shield of KentuckyKYBLSClaims
Blue Shield of LouisianaLABLSClaims
Blue Shield of MaineMEBLSClaims
Blue Shield of MarylandMDBLSClaims
Blue Shield of MassachusettsMABLSClaims
Blue Shield of MichiganMIBLSClaims
Blue Shield of MinnesotaMNBLSClaims
Blue Shield of MississippiMSBLSClaims
Blue Shield of MissouriMOBLSClaims
Blue Shield of MontanaMTBLSClaims
Blue Shield of National Capital AreaNCABSClaims
Blue Shield of NebraskaNEBLSClaims
Blue Shield of NevadaNVBLSClaims
Blue Shield of New HampshireNHBLSClaims
Blue Shield of New Jersey22099Claims
Blue Shield of New MexicoNMBLSClaims
Blue Shield of New York (Empire)NYBLSClaims
Blue Shield of North CarolinaNCBLSClaims
Blue Shield of North DakotaNDBLSClaims
Blue Shield of Northeast NYN5BLSClaims
Blue Shield of OhioOHBLSClaims
Blue Shield of OklahomaOKBLSClaims
Blue Shield of OregonORBLSClaims
Blue Shield of PennsylvaniaPABLSClaims
Blue Shield of Rhode IslandRIBLSClaims
Blue Shield of Rochester NYN7BLSClaims
Blue Shield of South CarolinaSCBLSClaims
Blue Shield of South DakotaSDBLSClaims
Blue Shield of TennesseeTNBLSClaims
Blue Shield of TexasTXBLSClaims
Blue Shield of UtahUTBLSClaims
Blue Shield of Utica NYN4BLSClaims
Blue Shield of VermontVTBLSClaims
Blue Shield of VirginiaVABLSClaims
Blue Shield of West VirginiaWVBLSClaims
Blue Shield of Western New YorkN1BLSClaims
Blue Shield of WisconsinWIBLSClaims
Blue Shield of WyomingWYBLSClaims
Bluebonnet Administrators37121Claims
Boilermakers national Health & Welfare Fund36609Claims
Bollinger, INC.BOLL1Claims
Boncura Health (Dupage Medical Group)DMG01Claims
Boon-Chapman Benefit Administrators, Inc.74238Claims
Boston Medical Center Healthnet13337Claims
BPS Inc48964Claims
Brand New Day (Encounters)UC002Claims
Brand New Day (FFS)UC001Claims
Bravo Health (Now CIGNA HealthSprings.)52192Claims
Bridgeway Arizona68069Claims
Bright Health Advantage PlanBRT01Claims
Bright Health PhysiciansBHP01Claims
Bright Health PlanCB186Claims
Brighton Health Plan Solutions (formerly MAGNACARE)11303Claims
Brockerage Concepts, Inc (Benefit Concepts)51037Claims
Brown & Toland Medical Group94316Claims
Brown & Toland SutterBTSS1Claims
Brown & Toland SutterSelectBTSS1Claims
Buckeye Community Health68069Claims
Butler Benefits42150Claims
C & O Employees Hospital Association23708Claims
C3 Health (fka Access Health Inc.)A1680Claims
California Anthem Blue CrossBC001Claims
California Blue CrossBC001Claims
California Health and Wellness68069Claims
California IPAAMM14Claims
California Pacific Medical Center94056Claims
California Water ServicesCWS99Claims
Cal-Optima DirectCALOPClaims
Cannon Cochran Management Services, Inc. LA (Claims for Payer address of Metairie, LA only.)71057Claims
CAP Management95399Claims
Cap Management SystemsIP080Claims
Capital Advantage Insurance Company (CAIC) PROFESSIONAL (BCBS ProviderID and Performing ProviderID required. Call 800-874-8433)23045Claims
Capital Blue Cross PROFESSIONAL (BCBS ProviderID and Performing ProviderID required. Call 800-874-8433)23045Claims
Capital District PHPSX065Claims
Capital Health Plan95112Claims
Capital International Management Services65067Claims
Capitol Administrators68011Claims
CapRock HealthPlansCAPHPClaims
Cardinal Innovations. (Formerly Piedmont Behavioral Health)06607Claims
Cardiovascular Care ProvidersGCVCPClaims
Care 1st Health Plan of Arizona57116Claims
Care 1st Health Plan of CA57115Claims
Care4Kids (WI Medicaid plans)39113Claims
Care Access PSN65063Claims
Care Around the Clock57721Claims
Care Choices HMOHM037Claims
Care Core National14182Claims
Care N' Care66010Claims
Care Plus65031Claims
Care to Care41222Claims
Care Wisconsin Health Plan (Trizetto)27004Claims
Carecore National Wellcare14188Claims
CareCore National, LLC (Aetna Radiology Claims)14179Claims
CareCore National, LLC (Radiology charges for Oxford)14180Claims
CareFirst BCBS - DC, National Capital AreaSB580Claims
Carelink Medicaid25140Claims
Caremore IPACARMOClaims
CareMore Value Plus (CVP)CARMOClaims
Carenet of Virginia (Prepare to use consolidated Coventry payerID of 25133.)25142Claims
CareOregon, Inc.93975Claims
CarePlus Cardiology - New Century HealthNCH04Claims
CarePlus Health Plan (Call payer for PayerID)CALLClaims
Caresource Health Plan of OregonMRCHPClaims
Caresource ININCS1Claims
CareSource KYKYCS1Claims
CareSource of GeorgiaGACS1Claims
CareSource OH31114Claims
Caresource West VirginiaWVCS1Claims
Careworks of Ohio10010Claims
Carolina Behavioral Health Alliance56215Claims
Carolina Care Plan (Part of the Medical Mutual Family of companies. Former payerID was 57105.)29076Claims
Carolina Crescent68069Claims
Carolina Summit Healthcare, Inc56195Claims
Carpenters' and Millwrights' Health Benefit Trust FundCOMPUClaims
Carpenters Health and Welfare Fund of PhiladelphiaCX101Claims
Carpet, Linoleum and Resilient Tile Layers Health and Welfare FundCOMPUClaims
CBA Blue03036Claims
CBA, Inc. (Previous payer ID 52132. Effective 11-03-18 submit claims to 39026.)39026Claims
CBHA Carolina Behavioral Health Alliance56215Claims
CBNHP Health Choices65391Claims
CBSA (Corporation Benefit Services of America)41124Claims
CCMC - Comprehensive Care Management CorpCCMC1Claims
CCS (aka Comprehensive Care Systems)MNBLSClaims
CDO Technologies63028Claims
Cedar Valley Community Health PlanSISCOClaims
Cedars-Sinai Medical Network Services Claims95166Claims
Cedars-Sinai Medical Network Services Encounters95167Claims
Celtic InsuranceCELTCClaims
Cement Masons & Plasterers Health & Welfare Trust - Grp#F1691136Claims
CenCal Health95386Claims
Cenpatico - Georgia68069Claims
Cenpatico - Kansas (Prior to submitting claims please call Provider Relations Dept at 866-896-7293 to verify your provider info is on file in the claim system.)68068Claims
Cenpatico (For multiple states)68068Claims
Cenpatico Behavioral Health - Wisconsin (Call 800-225-2573 ext 25525 prior to submitting claims.)68068Claims
Cenpatico Behavioral Health AZ (Prior to submission, contact 866-495- 6748 to verify provider ID.)68068Claims
Cenpatico Florida Behavioral Health68068Claims
Cenpatico Indiana68068Claims
Cenpatico Massachusetts68068Claims
Cenpatico Ohio68068Claims
Centene Advantage Plans (claims for former payer ID 95567 with DOS on or after 1/1/18)68069Claims
Center for Elders Independence94312Claims
Center for Healthy LivingCPHL1Claims
Center IPAPOP01Claims
CenterLight Healthcare13360Claims
Centinela IPAIP080Claims
Central Benefit National (Now known as Tribute Health Plan.)61184Claims
Central California Alliance for Health (Alliance EDI Support Unit 831- 430-5510)SX169Claims
Central California Electricial Workers Health and Welfare TrustNWADMClaims
Central California Women's HealthWH001Claims
Central Health MedicareCHCPIClaims
Central Ohio Primary Care Senior Care AdvantageAGL02Claims
Central Reserve Life13193Claims
Central Reserve Life Ins.Co. (Formertly Loyal American Life (Medicare Supplement) )13193Claims
Central States Southeast and Southwest Areas Health and Welfare and Pensions Funds36215Claims
Centurion of Tennessee42140Claims
Century PHO36393Claims
CHAMPVA-HAC (CHAMPVA-HAC is not associated with and does not process claims for TRICARE (formerly CHAMPUS.)23171Claims
Chautauqua County Health Plan (Mayville,NY)16600Claims
Children First Medical Group (For questions regarding claim status, providers will need to contact payer: CFMG Provider Customer Service 510-428-3154)94321Claims
Children's Community Health Plan (WI Medicaid plans)39113Claims
Children's Community Health Plan Wisconsin251CCClaims
Childrens Medical Center Health PlanCMCHPClaims
Children's Specialists of San DiegoCSSD2Claims
Chinese Community Health Plan (Unique Provider ID must be on claim.)94302Claims
CHIPA - College Health IPACHIPAClaims
Chirometrics Inc.33070Claims
Chiropractic Association of South DakotaCASD1Claims
Chiropractic Care of Minnesota, Inc. (For Dates of service before 1-01- 08, continue to use payerID of ACN01.)LNDMKClaims
Chiropractic Health Plans (Enrollment required, please contact Provider Relations 801-352-7270) (NOTE that this payer accepts Chiropractic claims only.)U1439Claims
CHOC - Childrens Hospital of Orange County Health Alliance33065Claims
Choice Physicians Net First ChoiceCPNFCClaims
ChoiceOne IPAPOP03Claims
CHP/RPU (FABOH) (Facility physical address required on claim.)39112Claims
Christian Brothers Services38308Claims
Christian Care Ministries (Medishare) (Providers should check the member ID card and use the Household ID value as the member ID when submitting claims electron59355Claims
Christie Student Helath Plan75544Claims
Christus Health Medicare Advantage10629Claims
Christus Health New Mexico,HIX21062Claims
Christus Health Plan HIX52106Claims
Christus Health Plan Medicaid45210Claims
Christus Spohn Health NetworkSPOHNClaims
CIGNA - PPO62308Claims
CIGNA Behavioral Health (We will also accept PID SX071 for these claims: use of either ID accomplishes the same routing.)MCCBVClaims
CIGNA Health Plan - HMO62308Claims
CIGNA Healthcare for Seniors - Arizona Medicare86033Claims
CIGNA HealthSprings52192Claims
CIGNA Premier Plus62308Claims
Cimarron Salud (Receiver type 'D' - Claims are printed and mailed to the Payer.)PRINTClaims
Cinncinnati Financial Corporation37283Claims
Citrus Health Care10207Claims
Citrus Valley Physician's GroupIP055Claims
City of Amarillo Group HealthCOA01Claims
City of Austin74234Claims
CL FratesCLFR2Claims
Clackamas County Mental Health (Administered by PH Tech)CCMMHClaims
Claims Development Corporation (Effective 2-2-15, Dermatology Networks Solutions claims will process under this payerID.43056Claims
ClaimsBridge HPN11752Claims
ClaimsWare, Inc. DBA ManageMed57080Claims
Clarian Health Plans95444Claims
Clear Health AllianceCLEARClaims
Client First41201Claims
Clifton Health Systems D/B/A Actin Care Groups24585Claims
Clinical Resource GroupCRGMNClaims
Clover (Formerly Carepoint Health Plan, previous payer ID 77023)13285Claims
Coastal Administrative Services77052Claims
Coastal Care43141Claims
Coastal Communities Physician Network (CCPN)CCPN1Claims
Colonial Medical22284Claims
Colorado Access HMOCOACCClaims
Colorado Choice Health PlansH0657Claims
Colorado Community Health AllianceCOCHAClaims
Colorado Health Insurance Cooperative49718Claims
Colorado Laborers Health and Welfare FundCOMPUClaims
Columbine Health PlanCHP02Claims
Commerce Benefits Group34181Claims
Commercial Travelers/PHX88091Claims
Common Ground Healthcare Cooperative77170Claims
Commonwealth Care Alliance14315Claims
Community Care Associates17902Claims
Community Care Behavioral Health Org. (For Dates of Service prior to October 1, 2007)25179Claims
Community Care BHO (For Dates of Service after October 1, 2007)23282Claims
Community Care Inc. (WI)39126Claims
Community Care Managed Health Care Plans of Oklahoma73143Claims
Community Care Plan(Palm Beach Health District)PBHD1Claims
Community Connect Medicaid95192Claims
Community Eye CareCECVPClaims
Community First Health Plan, Inc.COMMFClaims
Community Health60495Claims
Community Health Alliance35193Claims
Community Health Allliance TN27905Claims
Community Health Center NetworkCHCN1Claims
Community Health Choice (Please include TPI Number (Texas Medicaid Number) in Field FA0-23)48145Claims
Community Health Electronic Claims/CHEC/webTPA75261Claims
Community Health Group66170Claims
Community Health Plan of WashingtonCHPWAClaims
Community Health Solutions (Claims now route to Medicaid of Louisiana)LAMCDClaims
Community IPAAMM12Claims
Community Medical Group of the West ValleyCMGWVClaims
COMP - Ohio (Austintown, OH)34177Claims
CompFirst, LLC23296Claims
Complementary HealthCare Plans93101Claims
CompManagement Health15243Claims
Comprehensive Benefits Administrator, Inc. (Now known as CBA Blue.)03036Claims
Comprehensive Care Services (BCBSMN)00720Claims
Comprehensive Care Services (BCBSMN For DOS on and after 01-01- 2019)00562Claims
Comprehensive Medical/Vision Program AZM0166Claims
CompuSys Incorporated (New Mexico)74234Claims
CompuSys Incorporated of Arizona74234Claims
CompuSys Incorporated of ColoradoCOMPUClaims
CompuSys Incorporated of Utah74234Claims
Compusys of ColoradoCOMPUClaims
CompuSys/Erisa Group, Incorporated (AZ)74234Claims
CompuSys/Erisa Group, Incorporated (NM)74234Claims
CompuSys/Erisa Group, Incorporated (TX)74234Claims
Concordia Care Inc.33632Claims
Connecticare - Medicare78375Claims
Connecticare, Inc.06105Claims
Connecticut Carpenters Health Fund37307Claims
Connective RX (PSKW)PSKW0Claims
Consociate Group37135Claims
Consolidated Associates Railroad75284Claims
Consolidated Group59140Claims
Consolidated Health Plans87843Claims
Contessa HealthCH102Claims
Contessa Health Security Health PlanCH101Claims
Constitution State / Travelers19046Claims
Consumers Choice Health SC45321Claims
Cook Children's Health PlanCCHP1Claims
Cook Children's Star PlanCCHP9Claims
Cook Group Health Plan35149Claims
Cooperative Benefit Administrators, Inc.52132Claims
Coordinated Benefit Plan14829Claims
Coordinated Medical Specialists (CMS)58204Claims
Core Administrative Services58231Claims
Core Value (Part of Gettysburg Health.)23274Claims
CoreSource Little Rock (For claims where the 'submit claims to address' on the medical ID card is an address in Little Rock. For assistance, call 800-689-0106)75136Claims
CoreSource of Illinois35182Claims
CoreSource of IOWA35182Claims
CoreSource of Maryland35182Claims
CoreSource of North Carolina (Start using new PayerID of 35182. Old payerID will start rejecting soon.)35180Claims
Coresource of OH35183Claims
CoreSource of Pennsylvania35182Claims
CoreStar AZ MN (Start using new PayerID of 35182. Old payerID will start rejecting soon.)41045Claims
Corizon Health Inc.(Claims with address of Brentwood,TN should be submitted to this Payer ID.)CORIZClaims
Corizon, Inc. (fka Correctional Medical Services) Claims with address of St. Louis, MO should be submitted to this Payer ID.43160Claims
Cornerstone Benefit Administrators35202Claims
Cornerstone Preferred ResourcesCB268Claims
Corporate Plan Management Inc.64270Claims
CorrectCare Integrated HealthCCIHCClaims
CorrectCare Integrated HealthLADOCClaims
Correction Health PartnersPHPMCClaims
County Care (Behavioral Health claims with a DOS prior to 4/1/16)42138Claims
County Care (Behavioral Health and regular claims with a DOS after 4/1/16)06541Claims
County Care (formerly Centene IPA ) Claims with a DOS prior to 4/1/16)42139Claims
COVA (Commonwealth of VA)VABLSClaims
Covenant Administrators, Inc.58102Claims
Covenant Management Systems Employee Benefit planCMSEBClaims
Coventry Health Care (Coventry old Legacy Payer ID's are still accepted.)25133Claims
Coventry Health Care of Florida128FLClaims
COVID19 HRSA Uninsured Testing and Treatment Fund95964Claims
Cox Health Plan (Requires Provider ID in Box 33a. Contact Cox Health Plan for ID.)00019Claims
Creative Medical Systems64068Claims
Creative Plan Administrators37320Claims
Crescent PPO Health Solutions.CALLClaims
Crystal Run Health Plans46430Claims
CSI Network Services34186Claims
CTI Administrators Inc42141Claims
Culinary Health & Welfare Fund (Las Vegas, NV)59140Claims
Custom Design Benefits, Inc.82056Claims
D. H. Evans and Associates (Call Jessica Picarde @ 410-349-3222 before sending this payerID.)25172Claims
Dart Member CareCB987Claims
Davis Vision00157Claims
DCHS Medical FoundationDCHSFClaims
Dean Health Plan39113Claims
Dell Children's Health Plan74272Claims
Delta Health SystemsDHS01Claims
Dentemax/DPI (MI)AMS01Claims
Denver Health - Indigent84134Claims
Denver Health and Hospital Authority84133Claims
Denver Health Medical Plan84135Claims
Denver Health Medical Plan, Inc. - Medicare Choice84131Claims
Department of LaborJ1438Claims
Dermatology Network Solutions BCBS for the Health Options HMO (Payer requires 11 digit member ID Number)58204Claims
Dermatology Network Solutions, LLC BCBS (Payer requires 11 digit member ID Number)58204Claims
Dermatology Network Solutions, LLC Humana (Payer requires 11 digit member ID Number)58204Claims
Dermatology Network Solutions, LLC Vista (Payer requires 11 digit member ID Number)58204Claims
Deseret MutualSX105Claims
Desert Family Practice AssociationPPM01Claims
Desert Medical GroupDESRTClaims
Desert Valley Medical GroupDVMC1Claims
Devoted HealthDEVOTClaims
DGA - Diversified Group Administrators25160Claims
Dignity GlobalMPM27Claims
Dignity HCLAMPM28Claims
Dignity Health - Sacramento Hospital claim shop for Mercy Medical Group, Woodland Clinic Medical Group and Hill Physicians Medical group (hospital risk)HOSH1Claims
Dignity Health Medical Foundation for Mercy Medical Group or Woodland Clinic Medical Group (professional risk)PROH1Claims
Dignity Health Medical Foundation for Sequoia Physicians Network (professional risk) Date of Service must be before Nov 1 2018 for this Payer IDPROH2Claims
Direct Care AdministratorsDCA62Claims
Directors Guild of AmericaBC001Claims
Diversified Group Brokerage06102Claims
DMERC Region A (Testing is required for claims requiring CMNs.)DMERAClaims
DMERC Region B (Testing is required for claims requiring CMNs.)DMERBClaims
DMERC Region C (Testing is required for claims requiring CMNs.)DMERCClaims
DMERC Region D (Testing is required for claims requiring CMNs.)DMERDClaims
Doctors Healthcare PlanDRHCPClaims
Downey Select IPA (Applecare Medical Mgmt)APP01Claims
Driscoll Childrens Health Plan74284Claims
Driscoll Childrens Health Plan (CHIP)74284Claims
Dunn and Associates Benefits Administrators, Inc.35186Claims
E.S. Beveridge and Associates34108Claims
E3 Health, Inc (Formerly First Integrated Health)75232Claims
Early Intervention Central Billing36434Claims
East Bay Medical NetworkIP130Claims
East Boston Neighborhood Pace25849Claims
Eastern Main Healthcare Systems (EMHS)16565Claims
Eastland Medical GroupEMG11Claims
Easy Choice HP of NY14163Claims
EBC Inc. (To obtain the payerID, please call (440) 262-1160)CALLClaims
Eberle VivianEV001Claims
EBMS (Employee Benefit Management Services, Inc)81039Claims
EDS Healthchoice (formerly payer ID 22521 - For dates of service on or after 01/01/2018 )71064Claims
Educators Mutual (EMIA) (Enrollment required, contact EMIA to enroll 800-362-0533, Opt. 2)SX110Claims
El Paso First - CHIPEPF03Claims
EL Paso First Health Plan HCO Healthcare OptionsEPF37Claims
El Proyecto Del Barrio IPAMPM04Claims
Elder Service Plan of the North Shore.04326Claims
ElderPlan, Inc. (Elderplan Provider ID necessary on all claims. Contact (718)921-7979 for Provider ID.)31625Claims
Ellis Consultants, INC.ECISFClaims
Elmcare L.L.C.NAELMClaims
Emerald Health Network34167Claims
Emerald Health Network, Inc. (All HMO Business)34167Claims
EMI (Eye Management Inc)65062Claims
Empire Physician's Medical GroupEMP01Claims
Empire Plan (UnitedHealthcare)87726Claims
Employee Benefit Administration & Management (EBA&M)95288Claims
Employee Benefit Concepts38241Claims
Employee Benefit Consultants (To obtain the payer ID, please call (440) 262-1160.)CALLClaims
Employee Benefit Consultants, Inc. (Call (440) 262-1160 for PayerID.)CALLClaims
Employee Benefit Management Corp.31074Claims
Employee Benefit System42149Claims
Employee Benefit Systems37216Claims
Employee Benefits Plan Administration, Inc. (EBPA) (Now known as CBA Blue.)03036Claims
Employee Logistics92135Claims
Employee Plans, LLC35112Claims
Employees Mutual (EMC)21415Claims
Employer Plan Services, Inc.74212Claims
Employers Coalition On Health (ECOH)27008Claims
Employers Direct Health - Employee Plan75236Claims
Employers Direct Health - FI75235Claims
Employers Direct Health - SF75233Claims
Employers Health Cooperative (EHC)27008Claims
Employers Mutual, Inc. (Florida Providers only)59298Claims
Empower Arkansas12956Claims
Encore Health Network (Note: Group Policy Number in HCFA Box 11 is required.)35206Claims
Enstar Natural Gas - Grp# P6191136Claims
Eon Health73780Claims
EPN - Seton Health Plan Exclusive (Provider ID required)EPNSHClaims
EQUICOR - PPO62308Claims
Erin Group Administrators (Now known as Significa Benefit Services, Inc.)23250Claims
Erisa Administrative Services Incorporated74234Claims
Erisa Administrative Services, Inc.74234Claims
Essence Healthcare57082Claims
Essential Health PartnerEHPSCClaims
Evergreen Health Cooperative (Please check the member ID Card for the correct Payer ID.)93240Claims
Evolutions Healthcare59313Claims
Exceedent LLC22344Claims
Exceptional Care MedicalIP080Claims
Exclusive Care (ALL providers must contact Exclusive Care prior to submitting claims electronically. Please contact Martha Cuevas at 951-955-8853)EC999Claims
Eye Specialists (Provider ID number required in Box33a or Box24J)BVES1Claims
Facey Medical Foundation95432Claims
FACS Group37300Claims
Falling ColorsFCC20Claims
Fallon (Transplant claims)FT254Claims
Fallon Community Health22254Claims
Family Care - Milwaukee WI60995Claims
Family Choice MedicalIP080Claims
Family Health AllianceIP080Claims
Family Health Network85468Claims
Family Medical Network36396Claims
Farm Family14140Claims
FCE Benefit Administrators33033Claims
Federal Employee Program (Connecticut)C2BLSClaims
Fidelis Care New York11315Claims
Fire Department Cityof New York World Trade Center HealthFDNYPClaims
First Agency88055Claims
First Carolina Care56196Claims
First Choice Health Network91131Claims
First Choice Medical GroupFCMG1Claims
First Choice of Midwest (PPO)75138Claims
First Choice VIP Care Plus SC (First Choice VIP Care Plus is a Medicare Medicaid Plan (MMP), part of the AmeriHealth Caritas Family of Companies)77009Claims
First Health96708Claims
First Health Network73159Claims
First Seniority Freedom87726Claims
First Service Administrators59276Claims
First SolutionFS802Claims
FirstCare Star Medicaid94998Claims
Fitzharris & Company11244Claims
FL MCO PHC/PHP95411Claims
Florida 1st - Winterhaven, Florida59276Claims
Florida Community CareFLCCRClaims
Florida Health Plan59322Claims
Florida Hospital VBRVB001Claims
Florida Hospital Waterman48116Claims
Florida Pace CentersFLPACClaims
FMH Benefit Services48117Claims
Forest County Potawatomi Ins Dept25059Claims
Fortis Self Funded Administrative Services41124Claims
Foundation Health of CAFH001Claims
Foundation Health of Florida-EncountersFHFLEClaims
Fox Valley Medicine Site 199FVMCHClaims
Fox Valley Medicine Site 451FVMC1Claims
Fox-Everett, Inc.64069Claims
Freedom Health Plan41212Claims
Freedom Life Insurance Company62324Claims
Freeman IPAIP080Claims
Fresenius Medical CareTH118Claims
Fresenius Total Health43197Claims
Fresno PACE99660Claims
Fringe Benefit Coordinators59204Claims
FrontPath Health Coalition34171Claims
Gateway Health Plan25169Claims
Gateway Health Plan of Ohio, Inc.76028Claims
Gateway to Better Health4317MClaims
GBS Global BenefitCB951Claims
GBS Group Benefit Services80241Claims
GEHA Group Health Nevada MedicaidGEHA9Claims
Geisinger Health Plan75273Claims
GEMCare (Golden Empire Managed Care System)MCS01Claims
Gemcare Health PlanMCS03Claims
Generations Health46050Claims
Genesis Health CareIP105Claims
Georgia State Health Benefit Plan (Processed by GA BC/BS)GABLSClaims
Gettysburg Health (Including Core Value.)23274Claims
GHI HMO Select25531Claims
GHI Medicare Part B of New YorkGHMCRClaims
GHP (Group Health Plan)25141Claims
GI Innovative Management58204Claims
Gilsbar, Inc07205Claims
Glassworkers and Glaziers Health and Welfare Fund TrustCOMPUClaims
Glassworkers Health & Welfare Fund - Grp# F2991136Claims
Global Care Inc07689Claims
Global Care Med Grp IPAMPM05Claims
Global Excel ManagementGEM01Claims
Global HealthGHOKCClaims
Global One VenturesGLOBAClaims
GMS, Inc.47083Claims
Gold Coast77160Claims
Golden Rule (UnitedHealthOne)37602Claims
Golden Shore Medical Group (GSMG)NMM03Claims
Golden Triangle Physician AllianceGTPA1Claims
Good Samaritan Medical Practice Association (GSMPA)IP086Claims
Good Shepherd Hospice76923Claims
Government Employees Health Association,Inc. (GEHA)44054Claims
Government Employees Health Association,Inc. (GEHA)57254Claims
Great Lakes Health Plan (UnitedHealthcare Community Plan)95467Claims
Great Lakes PACE39640Claims
Greater Covina Medical GroupGCMG1Claims
Greater L. A. HealthIP080Claims
Greater Newport IPAGNPMGClaims
Greater Newport Physicians Medical Group33010Claims
Greater Orange IPANMM01Claims
Greater Oregon Behavioral HealthGOBHIClaims
Greater San GabrielIP080Claims
Greater San Gabriel Valley Physicians IPANMM01Claims
Greater Tricities IPA (Noble AMA Select)PDT01Claims
Group Administrators Ltd.36338Claims
Group Administrators Self-Funded AlternativeGASA1Claims
Group and Pension Administrators48143Claims
Group Health Cooperative of Eau Claire95192Claims
Group Health Cooperative of South Central Wisconsin Claims39167Claims
Group Health Cooperative of South Central Wisconsin Encounters39168Claims
Group Health Incorporated (GHI) (New York)13551Claims
Group Health Insurance - DE61101Claims
Group Health Northwest (Old PayerID of 91121 is being retired. Now use payerID of 91051)91051Claims
Group Health Options (Formerly KPS Health Plans)91051Claims
Group Insurance Service Center, INC37276Claims
Group Resources PHCS28680Claims
Guardian Life Insurance Company of America64246Claims
Gulf South Risk Services60652Claims
Gulf Stream General DynamicsCB624Claims
Gundersen Lutheran Health Plan39180Claims
H.E.R.E.I.U. Welfare Pension Funds37114Claims
HAA Preferred Partners65101Claims
Halcyon Behavioral HealthHALCYClaims
Hamaspik Choice Inc.47738Claims
Hammerman & Gainer97258Claims
Harmony Health Plan of Illinois (Wellcare Provider ID required, call (800) 960-2530 opt. 2 then 5)36406Claims
Harmony Health Plan of Indiana (Only claims for Indiana Hoosier Healthwise members can be sent to this payer electronically.)36405Claims
Harrington Health - Kansas ((Formerly known as Fiserv Health- Kansas)62061Claims
Harrington Health BPO59143Claims
Harris Methodist Health Plan87726Claims
Harvard Community Health Plan04245Claims
Harvard Pilgrim04271Claims
Harvard Pilgrim Passport Connect87726Claims
Hawaii Medical Assurance Association (HMAA)48330Claims
Hawaii Western Management (HWMG)99208Claims
Hawki (Provider ID Required)86068Claims
HCC Life InsuranceHCCMIClaims
HCH Administration37111Claims
HCP Nevada20501Claims
HCSC Insurance Services Company84980Claims
HDM Benefit SolutionsHDMCOClaims
HDPC - Premier Healthcare90023Claims
Health Advantage of ArkansasARBLSClaims
Health Alliance Medical Plans of Illinois77950Claims
Health Alliance Plan of Michigan (Use payer ID 38224 for claims with a date of service 01-01-20 and greater. For dates of service 12-31-19 and prior please use payer ID 70259)38224Claims
Health Care District of Palm BeachHCDPBClaims
Health Care Network of Wisconsin (HCN)42102Claims
Health Care Partners - AZ (For Dates of Service of 5-01-13 and later.)HCP02Claims
Health Choice Generations62180Claims
Health Choice Insurance46221Claims
Health Choice Integrated Care (The Payer Id 22100 is valid only for DOS 10/01/2015 and after. Do not Submit claims with DOS prior to 10/1/2015)22100Claims
Health Choice of AZ62179Claims
Health Choice Utah45399Claims
Health Claims Service82018Claims
Health Cost Solutions62111Claims
Health Design Plus34158Claims
Health EZ16120Claims
Health First Health Plans95019Claims
Health First-Tyler, TX75234Claims
Health Help Networks, Inc.59087Claims
Health Information Plan (HIP)43313Claims
Health Management Associates (HMA, servicing Southeastern and Southwestern Regions) (Provider ID Required)86066Claims
Health Net (California Encounters Only.)95567Claims
Health Net of ArizonaAZHNTClaims
Health Net of California (for claims with DOS prior to 12/31/17. For claims with DOS on or after 1/1/18, please use payer ID 68069 )95567Claims
Health Net Oregon22340Claims
Health Network One65062Claims
Health New England04286Claims
Health Options of Florida (Blue Shield HMO)FLHLTClaims
Health Options of Florida (Blue Shield HMO) ENCOUNTERS ONLYFLENCClaims
Health Options of IllinoisNAHOIClaims
Health Partners07003Claims
Health Partners - Jackson,TN62157Claims
Health Partners, PA80142Claims
Health Payment Systems20270Claims
Health Plan of Michigan (Now known as Meridian Health Plan)83253Claims
Health Plan of Nevada (Encounter claims)76343Claims
Health Plan of San Joaquin68035Claims
Health Plan of San MateoHPSM1Claims
Health Plan Services, Tampa Office59140Claims
Health Plans Inc.44273Claims
Health Plus Physicians Organization63363Claims
Health Select IPA (Enrollment required. Contact 866-703-1444.)M3IL1Claims
Health Services for Children with Special Needs (HSCSN)37290Claims
Health Services Management, Inc. (NOTE: ANSI submitters can also submit to plans AHP, CMS, ONP, PCI, PHP and VHP with proper value in SBR04.)HSM01Claims
Health Services Management, Inc. for AHSHSM01Claims
Health Services Management, Inc. for BPAHSM01Claims
Health Services Management, Inc. for ECOHHSM01Claims
Health Services Management, Inc. for EHCHSM01Claims
Health Services Management, Inc. for ENCRHSM01Claims
Health Services Management, Inc. for FCMHSM01Claims
Health Services Management, Inc. for HFHSM01Claims
Health Services Management, Inc. for HFHSM01Claims
Health Services Management, Inc. for HFHSM01Claims
Health Services Management, Inc. for HFHSM01Claims
Health Services Management, Inc. for HFHSM01Claims
Health Services Management, Inc. for HFHSM01Claims
Health Services Management, Inc. for HFHSM01Claims
Health Services Management, Inc. for HFHSM01Claims
Health Services Mgmt/Magellen Health41150Claims
Health Span of Ohio (Payer has ceased operations using payerID 31434. claims should now be sent to Medical Mutual of Ohio29076Claims
Health Systems Inc11889Claims
Health Tradition Health PlanHLTHTClaims
Healthteam Advantage88250Claims
Health Texas Medical GroupHTHTXClaims
Health West / CHP (Enrollment required, please contact Provider Relations 801-352-7270) (NOTE that this payer accepts Chiropractic claims only.)U1439Claims
Healthcare HighwaysHCH01Claims
Healthcare LA, IPAMPM06Claims
Healthcare Management Administrators, Inc. (also known as HMA, servicing Western Region)HMA01Claims
Healthcare PartnersHCP01Claims
HealthCare Partners, IPA (Formerly Heritage New York Medical Group)11328Claims
Healthcare Resources NW56731Claims
HealthCare Solutions Group73147Claims
Healthcare USA25133Claims
HealthChoice Dept of Corrections & Rehab71065Claims
HealthEdge Administrators (PayerID valid for claims with a submission address of PO Box 11210, Bakersfield, CA 93389)95213Claims
Healthfirst of Austin TPA75289Claims
Healthfirst, Inc. (NY)80141Claims
Healthkeeper HMOVABLSClaims
Healthnet of AZ38309Claims
Healthnet Community Solutions68069Claims
Healthnow BCBS New York WesternSB801Claims
HealthPartners of Minnesota55764Claims
Healthplus Amerigroup27514Claims
HealthPlus of Louisiana (Old PayerID of 95009 is no longer valid)07205Claims
Healthpoint Corporation68195Claims
HealthSCOPE Benefits, INC71063Claims
Healthsmart Accel75237Claims
Healthsmart Mgmt Services Org IncA0067Claims
HealthSmart Preferred Care75250Claims
Healthsource \ Hudson Health Plan (Provider enrollment is required by the payer. Must call (914) 372-2291 to obtain payerID)CALLClaims
Healthsource Arkansas - Claims must contain Healthsource specific Vendor ID & specific Rendering Provider ID71074Claims
Healthsource Kentucky - Claims must contain Healthsource specific Vendor ID & specific Rendering Provider ID61127Claims
Healthsource Maine - Claims must contain Healthsource specific Vendor ID & specific Rendering Provider ID01041Claims
Healthsource New Hampshire - Claims must contain Healthsource specific Vendor ID & specific Rendering Provider ID02038Claims
Healthsource North Carolina - Claims must contain Healthsource specific Vendor ID & specific Rendering Provider ID56147Claims
Healthsource North Texas - Claims must contain Healthsource specific Vendor ID & specific Rendering Provider ID75255Claims
Healthsource Provident Ins. Co.68195Claims
Healthsource, AR (Med) (CIGNA)71075Claims
Healthsource, GA (CIGNA)58210Claims
Healthsource, Mass02041Claims
Healthsource, OH31141Claims
Healthsource, TN (CIGNA)62129Claims
HealthSpan Integrated Care (Only accepting claims with DOS up to 1- 31-2017)RH007Claims
Healthspan, aka Kaiser of OhioNG007Claims
HealthSpring HMO/HealthSpring Medicare+Choice63092Claims
HealthTeam Advantage88250Claims
Healthways WholeHealth Networks58213Claims
Healthy CT77180Claims
Healthy Texas68064Claims
Healthy York Network (Call Jane Grove at Provider Relations for Healthy York Network (717) 851-6715)22251Claims
Helix Family Choice00243Claims
Hemet Community Medical Group (Providers need to contact 951- 791-1111 prior to submitting claims)HCMG1Claims
Hennepin Health / Northstar Advantage60058Claims
Heritage Consultants (Must use 9-digit subscriber ID on all claims)59230Claims
Heritage IPAHER01Claims
HFN, Inc.36335Claims
High Desert Medical Group (Lancaster, California)HDMDGClaims
High Desert Primary CareSTJOEClaims
Highline Medical Services MOLINA91164Claims
Highmark BCBSD Health Options.47181Claims
Highmark Senior Health Company (PA Blue Shield Medicare Plan)15460Claims
Highmark Senior Solutions Company (WV Blue Shield Medicare Plan)15459Claims
Hill Physicians Blue Cross PPOHLPBCClaims
Hill Physicians Blue Shield PPOHLPBSClaims
Hill Physicians Health Net PPOHLPHNClaims
Hill Physicians Medical Group00046Claims
Hill Physicians United Healthcare PPOHLPUHClaims
HIP-Health Insurance Plan of Greater NY55247Claims
Hispanic Physicians IPAHPFFSClaims
HMA (servicing HI, AZ and NV) (Provider ID is required and is 1-6 numeric characters in length. )86066Claims
HMC Healthworks aka Health Management Co.75318Claims
HMO Louisiana Blue Advantage84555Claims
Hockenberg's Equipment (UCS)59573Claims
Hollywood PresbyterianIP080Claims
Holy Cross Health PartnersNAHLXClaims
Home State Health Plan68069Claims
Homeland Security (ATTN: Deportation)VAICEClaims
Homelink Healthpartners55744Claims
Hometown Health Plan Nevada88023Claims
Hometown Health Plan of Ohio (Now known as The Health Plan)30757Claims
Hopkins Health Advantage66003Claims
Horace Mann Life InsuranceHMLICClaims
Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey22099Claims
Hotel Employees & Restaurant Employees Health Trust - Grp#F1991136Claims
HP Administrative Services LLC (For dates of service on or after 01/01/2018 use payer ID 71064. This payer ID should only be used for dates of service prior to 01/01/2018.)22521Claims
HPMS (Send claims to payerID listed on patient's insurance card.)CARDClaims
HSA Health PlanU7632Claims
HSBS Memphis (Formerly Pittman and Associates)37224Claims
HSBS Oklahoma Cityi (Formerly Mutual Assurance Administrators)37256Claims
HSHS Medical Group IPA37137Claims
Human Behavioral InstituteHBI01Claims
Humana Puerto RicoL0200Claims
HUMANA, Claims only61101Claims
HUMANA, Encounters Only61102Claims
Huntington Park Medical GroupIP080Claims
Huntington Park MissionIP080Claims
Hylton Payroll (Benefit Plan Administrators)19753Claims
I. E. Shaffer22175Claims
IBA Self Funded Group38234Claims
IBEW Local 640 & Arizona Chapter NECA Health & Welfare Trust74234Claims
IBEW Western Utilities or Local 5774234Claims
IBG Administrators, LLC81810Claims
iCARE (Independent Care Health Plan)11695Claims
ICARE Health Options TPA26054Claims
iCircle of New Yok33884Claims
ICON Benefit Administrators75185Claims
Idaho True BlueTRUEBClaims
Illinicare Behavioral Health68068Claims
Illinicare Group Health68069Claims
Illinois Health Plan (IHP)DMG01Claims
IMA of Louisiana Inc.72091Claims
Imagine Health43123Claims
Imperial Health Holdings Medical GroupIHHMGClaims
INDECS Corporation40585Claims
Independence AdministratorsTA720Claims
Independence Medical GroupMHM01Claims
Independence Medical Group of Kern CountyIMG01Claims
Independence Medical Group Tulare CountyIMG02Claims
Independent BLC of PA (Also known as Personal Choice PPO of Pennsylvania.)54704Claims
Independent HealthSX073Claims
Independent Living Systems45048Claims
Indian Health Services00290Claims
Indiana Department of Health Children's Health35600Claims
Indiana ProHealth Network35161Claims
Indiana Teamsters Health Benefits Fund (Formerly known as Local 135 Health Benefits Fund)35107Claims
Indiana UniversityIUHPLClaims
Industrial Machine SpecialtiesCOMPUClaims
INETICO, Inc.43471Claims
InforMed, LLC52196Claims
Ingalls Provider Group85578Claims
Ingalls Provider Group (New PID for DOS 1-1-19 and after only)66727Claims
Ingham Health Plan Corp.38343Claims
Inland Empire Health PlanIEHP1Claims
Inland Faculty Medical Group (Call Chirs Gonzales at (323) 257-7637 *277 to ensure you are approved to submit electronically. Payer ID required )MVMM1Claims
Innovante Benefit Admin/ (HSBS WTC) (Effective 3-1-17)31172Claims
Innovation Health40025Claims
Innovative Physician Associates80087Claims
Innovista HealthINDPMClaims
INS Health ServicesVAICEClaims
Insurance Administrator of America37279Claims
Insurance Design Administrators13315Claims
Immigration ServicesVAICEClaims
Insurance Management Administrators72091Claims
Insurance Management Services of TexasIMSMSClaims
Insurance Management Services, (Amarillo TX)(This payerID is only valid for claims submission address of PO Box 15688 Amarillo, TX 79105)15688Claims
Insurance Service of LubbockISL11Claims
Insurer's Administration CorporationIAC01Claims
Insurers Administrative Corp. (Please visit website prior to submitting claims: edihelp.iacusa.com)86304Claims
INTEGRA Administrative Group, Inc.51020Claims
Integra Group - CHA31129Claims
Integra Group (Also known as Rehab Provider Network, but not the same as Colorado payer of same name.)31127Claims
Integra Managed Long Term Care45302Claims
Integrated Medical Solutions20050Claims
Integrated Mental Health Services68068Claims
Integrity Administrators (Champion Chevrolet)99795Claims
Interactive Medical Systems56132Claims
Intercommunity Health NetINCHNClaims
Interface EAP60280Claims
Intergroup Services Corporation23287Claims
Intermountain Health Care (Contact payer at 801-442-5442 before sending claims to verify provider numbers.)SX107Claims
Intermountain Ironworkers Trust Fund74234Claims
International Benefit Administration11329Claims
International Brotherhood of Boilermakers Employee Health Care Plan (IBBEHC)48603Claims
International Funding Inc.39182Claims
International Medical Group, INCIMGINClaims
International Union Operating Engineers37269Claims
InterWest Health PPO (Montana)84137Claims
INTotal Health35115Claims
Iowa Benefits, Inc.41124Claims
Iowa Health Solutions (Provider ID Required)86068Claims
Iowa Total Care68069Claims
IU Health Transplant Evaluation Program47262Claims
IU Medical Group Primary CareSX172Claims
Jackson Care ConnectJCC01Claims
JAI Medical SystemsJAI01Claims
John Hopkins Healthcare (EHP/PP) (Submit Billing NPI and Rendering/Servicing NPI)52189Claims
John Morrell Company - AHPBA38310Claims
John Muir Health NetworkJMH01Claims
John Muir Mt. Diablo Health System68036Claims
John Muir Trauma Physicians (Please call 925-947-5288 for Payer ID information.)CALLClaims
Johns Hopkins (USFHP) (New submitter should send in their Billing NPI & Rendering servicing NPI)52123Claims
Joplin Claims43178Claims
JP Farley Corporation34136Claims
JPS Preferred Care34136Claims
JSL Administrators AKA Wells Fargo Third Party Administrators aka Healthsmart Benefits Solutions37272Claims
Kaiser Foundation Health Plan of ColoradoCOKSRClaims
Kaiser Foundation Health Plan of GeorgiaNG010Claims
Kaiser Foundation Health Plan of Northern CA RegionNG010Claims
Kaiser Foundation Health Plan of Northern CaliforniaKS003Claims
Kaiser Foundation Health Plan of Southern CA Region94134Claims
Kaiser Foundation Health Plan of Southern CaliforniaKS001Claims
Kaiser Foundation Health Plan of the Mid-AtlanticNG008Claims
Kaiser Foundation Health Plan of the NWNG009Claims
Kaiser Foundation Health Plan of Washington (Formerly Group Health Cooperative of WA)91051Claims
Kaiser Foundation Health Plan PPO94320Claims
Kaiser Foundation of the Northwest93079Claims
Kaiser Permanente HawaiiRH011Claims
Kalos Gold Health Plan61185Claims
Kalos Health40137Claims
Keenan & AssociatesKEE01Claims
Kelsey SeyboldKELSEClaims
Kemper Benefits61453Claims
Kempton Group73100Claims
Kent County Health PlanKENT1Claims
Kentucky Health Administrators, Inc.27215Claims
Kentucky Spirit Health Plan68069Claims
Kern County CDCR68069Claims
Kern Health Care Network (Valid for dates of service prior to 01-01- 2016.)68069Claims
Kern Health Systems68069Claims
Kern Legacy Health Plan68069Claims
Key Benefit Administrators68069Claims
Key Health Medical Solutions68069Claims
Key Medical Group (Providers please contact Brandi Guinn @ 559- 735-3892 x233 for authorization.)IP082Claims
Key Select37321Claims
Key Solution37323Claims
Keycare PPOVABLSClaims
Keystone Mercy Health Plan23284Claims
Keystone First Community Health Choices23284Claims
Keystone VIP Choice (formerly payer ID 84223)77741Claims
Klais and Company31147Claims
Klais and Company34145Claims
Klais and Company Repriced HealthSpan3414AClaims
Kova Healthcare IncorporatedKOVA1Claims
KPIC - Kaiser Permanente (Valid in the states of CA,CO, DC, GA, HI, MD, OH and OR)KPIC1Claims
LA Care Health PlanLACARClaims
La Salle Medical Associates IPANMM01Claims
LACH HealthNet by MedPointNMM01Claims
Lake Region Community Health PlanSISCOClaims
Lakeside Medical Group66125Claims
Lakeside Medical Group Inc.LMG11Claims
Lancaster General Health Group - Preferred Health Care (Contact Sherry Wolgemuth at (717) 560-9290 ext. 124 for approval and the Payer ID.)CALLClaims
Landmark Healthcare Inc.LNDMKClaims
Las Vegas Fire Fighters Local No 1285 Security FundNWADMClaims
LaSalle Medical AssociatesNMM02Claims
Lasso Healthcare MSA10550Claims
Lawndale Christian Health Center36333Claims
LBA HealthPlans52193Claims
Leisure World Managed CareLWMC1Claims
Leon Medical Center Health Plan37316Claims
Liberty Health Advantage11328Claims
Life & Health Ins Co of America (NFL Plan only)98205Claims
Life Beaver County25924Claims
Life Investors Ins Co of America (Specialized claims only. Call 866-745- 3545 with claim routing questions.)LIICAClaims
Life St. Joseph of the Pines59847Claims
Life St Mary (Trinity Health Pace)76184Claims
Life Trac41136Claims
LifeCircles PACE71498Claims
LifePath Hospice Inc.76870Claims
Lifetime Benefits SolutionsEBSRMClaims
Lifewise A Premier Health Plan93093Claims
Lifewise Health Plan of Oregon A Premier Health Plan93093Claims
Lifewise Health Plan of Washington A Premier Health Plan91049Claims
Lipa/Agate ResourcesLIPA1Claims
Little Company of Mary Health4725PClaims
Local 137 Operating Engineers Welfare Fund84041Claims
Local ChoiceVABLSClaims
Lockard & WilliamsCB752Claims
Loma Linda University Adventist37267Claims
Loma Linda University Health Care33036Claims
Lone Star TPA45289Claims
Long Beach Memorial IPA (MHCLB)MHIPAClaims
Louisiana Healthcare Connections68069Claims
Lovelace Sandia Health Plan (Acquired by Blue Shield of New Mexico)NMBLSClaims
Lutheran Preferred39198Claims
Mabuhay Medical GroupCAPMNClaims
MacNeal Health Providers - CHS (Contact 708-783-7100 prior to first submission.)36334Claims
Magellan Behavioral Health (All Non-AETNA Subscribers - Provider ID Required) (Payer Address required on all claims.)01260Claims
Magellan Behavioral Health (For Dates of Service 1/1/2006 and After - Provider ID Required - AETNA Subscribers only.)60054Claims
Magellan Complete Care FL01260Claims
Magellan Complete Care Of VAMCCVAClaims
Magnolia Mississippi68069Claims
MAHP (MD IPA, Optimum Choice and MLH) UnitedHealthcare87726Claims
Maine Community Health Options45341Claims
Maksin Management Corporation (Now known as AIG Educational Markets)22195Claims
Managed Care Administrators / CHP (Enrollment required, please contact Provider Relations 801-352-7270) (NOTE that this payer accepts Chiropractic claims only.U1439Claims
Managed Care Services, LLC35162Claims
Managed Care Systems (Delango Regional Medical)MCS02Claims
Managed Care Systems CDCR (Customer Service: (800) 494-4662)MCS04Claims
Managed Health Care Admin EPSMHCA1Claims
Managed Health Care Associates36312Claims
Managed Health Networks (MHN)22771Claims
Managed Health Services Indiana68069Claims
Managed Health Services of Wisconsin (Please contact the payer @ 800-225-2573, ext 25525 to get setup to submit electronic claims.)68069Claims
Mapfre Life Commercial46012Claims
March Vision Health Plan52461Claims
Marin IPAIP097Claims
Marrick Medical Finance, LLC20805Claims
Marrick WRx46478Claims
Martins Point Health CareMPHC2Claims
Martin's Point Health Care USFHP/Generations AdvantageMPHC2Claims
Maryland Physicians Care22348Claims
Maryland PMHS ValueOptions (Use for ALL Dates of Service)77063Claims
Mashantucket Pequot Tribal Nation37121Claims
Mass Health (MA Medicaid)MAMCDClaims
Massachusetts Mutual also known as Mass Mutual80314Claims
Masters, Mates and Pilots PlanMMPHBClaims
Max Specialty Benefits27320Claims
MaxCare (Universal Fidelity Administrators Company)93220Claims
Mayo Clinic FL/GA88090Claims
MBA Benefit Administrators83028Claims
MBA of Wyoming87065Claims
Mcare of Michigan (Payer no longer accepting electronic claims. Claim will be printed and mailed to payer.)38264Claims
MCC Behavioral Care (We will also accept PID SX071 for these claims: use of either ID accomplishes the same routing.)MCCBVClaims
McCreary Corporation59331Claims
McGregor Pace31149Claims
McLaren Health Advantage3833AClaims
McLaren Health Plan38338Claims
McLaren Medicaid3833CClaims
McLaren State of Michigan3833MClaims
McLaren Medicare Supplement3833SClaims
McLarenAdvantage SNP3833RClaims
MCS Life66039Claims
MD Rogue Oregon Health PlanMRIPAClaims
MD-Individual Practice Association, Inc. (M.D. IPA) (Previously Payer ID 52148)87726Claims
MDwise Health Indiana Plan3135MClaims
MDwise Hoosier Care Connect (For DOS on or after 1-01-2017)91313Claims
MDwise Hoosier Healthwise3519MClaims
MDWise Select Health Network35199Claims
MDX HawaiiMDXHIClaims
Med Pay (For claims repriced by Premier Health Care Exchange)88058Claims
Med3000 CMS Early StepsEM350Claims
Med3000 CMS Safety NetEM284Claims
Med3000 CMS Title 19 Reform (for DOS prior to 1/31/19)EM843Claims
Med3000 CMS Title 19 Reform (New PID Effective For DOS After 1/31/19)14163Claims
Med3000 CMS Title 21EM205Claims
Med3000 Pedicare Title 19EM843Claims
Med3000 Pedicare Title 21EM205Claims
MedAdmin Sol Inc58204Claims
MedCost / Liberty Health Share90753Claims
MedCost Benefit Services56205Claims
Medica HealthCare Plans / FL78857Claims
Medica Health Plan Solutions71890Claims
Medicaid of DelawareDEMCDClaims
Medicaid - TX Premier Plan (Please contact Provider Relations at (915)-532-3778 x1507 to enroll.)EPF02Claims
Medicaid of AlabamaALMCDClaims
Medicaid of AlaskaAKMCDClaims
Medicaid of Arizona (AHCCCS)AZMCDClaims
Medicaid of ArkansasARMCDClaims
Medicaid of ColoradoCOMCDClaims
Medicaid of ConnecticutCTMCDClaims
Medicaid of FloridaFLMCDClaims
Medicaid of GAGAMCDClaims
Medicaid of IdahoIDMCDClaims
Medicaid of IllinoisILMCDClaims
Medicaid of IndianaINMCDClaims
Medicaid of IowaIAMCDClaims
Medicaid of KansasKSMCDClaims
Medicaid of KentuckyKYMCDClaims
Medicaid of Louisiana (Includes KidMed claims.)LAMCDClaims
Medicaid of MaineMEMCDClaims
Medicaid of MarylandMDMCDClaims
Medicaid of MassachusettsMAMCDClaims
Medicaid of MichiganMIMCDClaims
Medicaid of MinnesotaMNMCDClaims
Medicaid of MississippiMSMCDClaims
Medicaid of MissouriMOMCDClaims
Medicaid of MontanaMTMCDClaims
Medicaid of NebraskaNEMCDClaims
Medicaid of NevadaNVMCDClaims
Medicaid of New HampshireNHMCDClaims
Medicaid of New JerseyNJMCDClaims
Medicaid of New MexicoNMMCDClaims
Medicaid of New YorkNYMCDClaims
Medicaid of North CarolinaNCMCDClaims
Medicaid of North DakotaNDMCDClaims
Medicaid of OhioOHMCDClaims
Medicaid of OklahomaOKMCDClaims
Medicaid of OregonORMCDClaims
Medicaid of PennsylvaniaPAMCDClaims
Medicaid of Rhode IslandRIMCDClaims
Medicaid of South CarolinaSCMCDClaims
Medicaid of South DakotaSDMCDClaims
Medicaid of Tennessee (TennCare)TNMCDClaims
Medicaid of TexasTXMCDClaims
Medicaid of UtahUTMCDClaims
Medicaid of VermontVTMCDClaims
Medicaid of VirginiaVAMCDClaims
Medicaid of Washington DCDCMCDClaims
Medicaid of Washington StateWAMCDClaims
Medicaid of West VirginiaWVMCDClaims
Medicaid of WisconsinWIMCDClaims
Medicaid of WyomingWYMCDClaims
Medical Associates Health PlanMAHP1Claims
Medical Benefit Administration, Inc.68041Claims
Medical Benefits Mutual74323Claims
Medi-Cal by MedPointMPM18Claims
Medical Mutual of Ohio (Payer requires a 12 digit rendering provider ID#, which needs to be obtained from payer by calling 800-321-7223)29076Claims
MediCal of CaliforniaMDCALClaims
Medical Orange Coast Memorial IPAMHIPAClaims
Medical Reimbursements of America62177Claims
Medical Resource Network (MRN, INC)58203Claims
Medical Services Initiative12057Claims
Medical Value Plan - Ohio (MVP)38224Claims
Medicare Advantage PHP Michigan83276Claims
Medicare & Much More Florida IncorporatedMMMFLClaims
Medicare Blue Advantage of South CarolinaSCBLSClaims
Medicare DME MAC Jurisdiction C18003Claims
Medicare of Missouri (For pre-existing providers only) (Includes both Eastern and Western Missouri.)KCMCRClaims
Medicare Part B GHIGHMCRClaims
Medicare Part B of AlabamaALMCRClaims
Medicare Part B of AlaskaAKMCRClaims
Medicare Part B of American SamoaHIMCRClaims
Medicare Part B of ArizonaAZMCRClaims
Medicare Part B of ArkansasARMCRClaims
Medicare Part B of ColoradoCOMCRClaims
Medicare Part B of ConnecticutCTMCRClaims
Medicare Part B of DC00903Claims
Medicare Part B of Delaware00902Claims
Medicare Part B of FloridaFLMCRClaims
Medicare Part B of GeorgiaGAMCRClaims
Medicare Part B of GuamHIMCRClaims
Medicare Part B of HawaiiHIMCRClaims
Medicare Part B of IdahoIDMCRClaims
Medicare Part B of IllinoisILMCRClaims
Medicare Part B of IndianaINMCRClaims
Medicare Part B of IowaIAMCRClaims
Medicare Part B of KansasKSMCRClaims
Medicare Part B of KentuckyKYMCRClaims
Medicare Part B of LouisianaLAMCRClaims
Medicare Part B of MaineMEMCRClaims
Medicare Part B of Maryland00901Claims
Medicare Part B of MassachusettsMAMCRClaims
Medicare Part B of MichiganMIMCRClaims
Medicare Part B of MinnesotaMNMCRClaims
Medicare Part B of MississippiMSMCRClaims
Medicare Part B of Missouri (Eastern) (Specialty testing required)MOMCRClaims
Medicare Part B of MontanaMTMCRClaims
Medicare Part B of NebraskaNEMCRClaims
Medicare Part B of NevadaNVMCRClaims
Medicare Part B of New HampshireNHMCRClaims
Medicare Part B of New MexicoNMMCRClaims
Medicare Part B of New York (Empire)NYMCRClaims
Medicare Part B of NJ (Specialty testing required)NJMCRClaims
Medicare Part B of North CarolinaNCMCRClaims
Medicare Part B of North DakotaNDMCRClaims
Medicare Part B of Northern CaliforniaCNMCRClaims
Medicare Part B of Northern Mariana IslandsHIMCRClaims
Medicare Part B of Northern Virginia (inc. Prince George, Montgomery, Fairfax and Arlington Counties and City of Alexandria)00903Claims
Medicare Part B of OhioOHMCRClaims
Medicare Part B of OklahomaOKMCRClaims
Medicare Part B of OregonORMCRClaims
Medicare Part B of PennsylvaniaPAMCRClaims
Medicare Part B of Rhode IslandRIMCRClaims
Medicare Part B of South CarolinaSCMCRClaims
Medicare Part B of South DakotaSDMCRClaims
Medicare Part B of Southern CaliforniaCSMCRClaims
Medicare Part B of TennesseeTNMCRClaims
Medicare Part B of TexasTXMCRClaims
Medicare Part B of Upstate NYN1MCRClaims
Medicare Part B of UtahUTMCRClaims
Medicare Part B of VermontVTMCRClaims
Medicare Part B of VirginiaVAMCRClaims
Medicare Part B of WashingtonWAMCRClaims
Medicare Part B of West VirginiaWVMCRClaims
Medicare Part B of Western Missouri (For pre-existing providers only)MWMCRClaims
Medicare Part B of WisconsinWIMCRClaims
Medicare Part B of WyomingWYMCRClaims
Medicare Railroad (MetraHealth Medicare)RRWMCClaims
Medicare SupplementalVABLSClaims
Medico Insurance Company23160Claims
Mediture IPAAMM11Claims
Medova Healthcare27005Claims
MedPartners (PHCS Repricing) (PO Box 10240 Fort Wayne, In 46857)441MPClaims
MedPartners Admin Services412MPClaims
MedSolutions, Inc.62160Claims
MedStar Family Choice39190Claims
Medstar Physician Partners00243Claims
Medstar Select251MSClaims
Memorial Clinical AssociatesMCA11Claims
Memorial Healthcare IPAMHIPAClaims
Memorial Hermann Health NetworkMHHNPClaims
Memorial Integrated Healthcare59064Claims
MemorialCare Medical FoundationMMFMCClaims
Mendicina Familiar Medical GroupIP080Claims
Mennonite Mutual (Now known as Everence)35605Claims
Mental Health Consultants Inc37050Claims
Mental Health Network (Only claims for PO Box 209010 Austin TX 78720)74289Claims
Mercy Care39114Claims
Mercy Health Plan (AHCCCS)86052Claims
Mercy Health Plan of AZ86052Claims
Mercy Health Plan of New Jersey (Provider ID Required in Box33a - Contact (800) 682-9091 to obtain ID)22326Claims
Mercy LIFE of Alabama63002Claims
Mercy Maricopa Integrated Care33628Claims
Mercy Provider Network43185Claims
MercyCare of WI. (Call 608-758-7739 for PayerID.)CALLClaims
Meridian Health Plan Michigan52563Claims
Meridian Health Plan13189Claims
Meritain Health (North American Health Plan.)64157Claims
Meritain Health / Agency Services64158Claims
Meritain Health Minneapolis41124Claims
Metro Plus Health Plan13265Claims
Metropolitan Health Plan10850Claims
Miami Behavioral Health92579Claims
Miami Children’s Health Plan82832Claims
Michigan Blue Care HMO (BCN of Michigan)MIBCNClaims
Michigan Complete Health68069Claims
Michigan Medicare PlusBlueMIMPBClaims
Micron Tech96598Claims
Mid-America Associates37281Claims
Mid-American Benefits22823Claims
Midland Management/MFC23550Claims
Midland National Life Ins Co (NFIC Plan only)90956Claims
Midlands Choice47080Claims
Midlands Health Partners47080Claims
Mid-West Behavioral Health NetworkMVBCNClaims
Midwest Group Benefits61146Claims
Midwest Health Partners76079Claims
Midwest Health Plans, INC. (Run off claims will be supported until 12- 31-19)MHP77Claims
Midwest Physician Administrative ServicesTH088Claims
Minuteman Health01776Claims
Mission Community IPA Med GrpMPM07Claims
Mission HospitalAffiliatesSTJOEClaims
Mississippi Health Partners64068Claims
Mississippi Physicians Care Network64084Claims
Mississippi Select Healthcare (Mississippi Select Health Care)64088Claims
Missoula County Medical Benefits37275Claims
ML Healthcare26097Claims
Moda Health (ODS Health Plan)13350Claims
MMM - Medicare y mucho Mas88600Claims
Molina Healcare of New Mexico - SCI04423Claims
Molina Health Care of South Carolina46299Claims
Molina Healthcare of CA - Encounters only.33373Claims
Molina Healthcare of California (Rendering provider must use Medi- Cal ID number or State License Number. Billing provider should use Federal TaxID only.)38333Claims
Molina Healthcare of Florida51062Claims
Molina Healthcare of Illinois20934Claims
Molina Healthcare of Michigan38334Claims
Molina Healthcare Mississippi77010Claims
Molina Healthcare of New MexicoNM505Claims
Molina Healthcare of New Mexico Salud09824Claims
Molina Healthcare of Ohio20149Claims
Molina Healthcare of Texas20554Claims
Molina Healthcare of Washington (Rendering providers use DSHS Medicaid ID or State Licence Number.)38336Claims
Molina Healthcare of Washington ENCOUNTERS ONLY43174Claims
Molina Healthcare UtahSX109Claims
Monarch Healthcare IPA (Rendering provider ID# required on all claims.)IP095Claims
Monitor Life (Payer accepts secondary claims only, and Medicare cannot be primary payer.)01759Claims
Montefiore Contract Management Organization (Provider ID required, call 914-377-4400 for ID prior to first claims submissions.)13174Claims
Montefiore HMO46161Claims
Monumental Life Ins Co.MMLICClaims
Morris Associates aka HealthScope Benefits35092Claims
Mosaic IPA Medical Group (Providers please contact Brandi Guinn @ 559-735-3892 x233 for authorization.)IP083Claims
Motion Picture Industry Health Plan (These claims now processed by Anthem BC of CA)MPI01Claims
Mountain States Administrators (COLORADO ONLY)MTNSTClaims
MPE Employee Benefit Services37233Claims
MPLAN Inc. Healthcare Group95444Claims
MPM ProspectMPM16Claims
MRIPA Allcare CCO (Medicaid Payer)26161Claims
MS BCBS State EmployeesSB731Claims
Mt. Carmel95655Claims
Multiplan Wisconsin Preferred Provider Network34080Claims
Multnomah CountyMLTOTClaims
Municipal Health Benefits Fund81883Claims
Muskegon CareA1681Claims
Mutual Benefit Life39065Claims
Mutual Health Services (fka Antares Management Solutions)34192Claims
Mutual of Omaha Insurance Company71412Claims
Mutually Preferred71412Claims
MVP Health Plan of NY14165Claims
My Family Medical Group33020Claims
MyNexus, Inc.32043Claims
N.W. Ironworkers Health & Security Trust Fund - Grp#F1591136Claims
N.W. Roofers & Employers Health & Security Trust Fund - Grp#F1491136Claims
N.W. Textile Processors - Grp#F1491136Claims
NAA (North America Administrators)65085Claims
NAMCI/Global CareL0110Claims
Naphcare Inc58182Claims
National Accident & Health General Agency Inc.67788Claims
National Allied Workers Union Local 831CB148Claims
National Association of Letter Carriers53011Claims
National Capital AreaNCABSClaims
National Capital Preferred Provider Organization (NCPPO) (To obtain your provider ID number, please call the NCPPO Customer Service Department at (800) 272-591190001Claims
New Era Life Insurance Company98798Claims
National Financial Insurance Company90956Claims
National Foundation Life Insurance Company98205Claims
National Health Benefit88057Claims
National Health Benefits Corporation - NHBC0288050Claims
National Rural Electric52132Claims
National Teachers Association (NTA)NTA11Claims
National Telecommunications Cooperative Association (NTCA)52103Claims
National Telecommunications Cooperative Association (NTCS Staff)52104Claims
National VisionNVADMClaims
Native Care Health19191Claims
NCAS - Charlotte, VA75191Claims
NCAS - Fairfax, VA75190Claims
NebraskaTotal Care68069Claims
Neighborhood Health Partnership (NHP)96107Claims
Neighborhood Health Partnership (NHP) If member id begins with JD, use original PID, else use 87726. Checkk eligibility online to validate member card.)95123Claims
Neighborhood Health Plan of Rhode Island (Contact NHPRI 401-459- 6030 to verify provider and vendor number.)05047Claims
Neighborhood Health Plan RI- Exchange, Unity, Integrity (Patient ID cards will have 11 digit Ids that start with 135)96240Claims
AllWays Health Plan (prev. Neighborhood Plan, Boston, MA)04293Claims
Nesika Health Group (Old payerID of 37255 is no longer valid.)75280Claims
Netcare Life and Health Insurance66055Claims
Network Health (Before initiating submissions, please call Provider Relations at (617)806-8104 or www.network-health.org for an EDI startup plan.)CALLClaims
Network Health Insurance Corp - Medicare77076Claims
Network Health Plan of Wisconsin, Inc.(Prior to initial claims submission, please contact Network Health Plan EDI specialist at 920- 720-1506.)39144Claims
Network Health04332Claims
Network Health PPOAMS01Claims
Network Solutions IPANSIPAClaims
New Avenues, Inc.95998Claims
New Century HealthNCHCAClaims
New Century Health - Vista CardiologyNCH09Claims
New Century Health Arizona Integrated PhysiciansNCHORClaims
New Century Health UrologyNCH03Claims
New England, The66893Claims
New Hampshire Healthy Family68069Claims
New Mexico Blue Cross Community Centennial (MemberIDs start with "YIP")MC721Claims
New Mexico District Council of Carpenters74234Claims
New Mexico Health Connections45129Claims
New Mexico Painters and Allied Trades Local No 82374234Claims
New Mexico Public Schools Insurance Authority85036Claims
New Mexico-West Texas Multi-Craft (lso known as New Mexico Laborers)74234Claims
New York Hotel Trade Council7707CClaims
New York Life - Long Term CareNYL11Claims
New York Medical Imaging-MVP14179Claims
New York Network Management (Healthplus Amerigroup claims with Dates of service after March 1st, 2015 should be sent directly to the payer with payerID 27514)11334Claims
Next Level Health Partners (FKA 69821)81085Claims
NGS CoreSource38225Claims
Nippon Life Insurance Company81264Claims
Nivano Physicians IPAMBA01Claims
NJ Carpenters Health Fund22603Claims
Noble CommunityIP080Claims
North American Administrators, Inc.64157Claims
North American Benefits Network (NABN)34159Claims
North American Medical Management (Provider number must be in box 33a)IP079Claims
North Broward Hospital District37314Claims
North Shore - LIJ (Healthfirst)17516Claims
North Suburban Associated Physicians (Formerly payer ID 36392. As of 9-01-2017, please submit claims under payer ID 48026)48026Claims
North Texas Healthcare Network35212Claims
North Texas Healthcare Network (Effective 01-01-2019)75250Claims
North West LifePH018Claims
Northeast Georgia Health Services58169Claims
Northeast Iowa Community Health PlanSISCOClaims
NortheastGeorgia Health Services58169Claims
Northern California Advantage Medical GroupNCA01Claims
Northern Illinois Health Plan36347Claims
Northern Nevada Trust Funds (Call 775-826-7200 prior to submitting claims.)88027Claims
Northridge Medical GroupNMG01Claims
NorthShore Physicians Associates48026Claims
Northwest Physicians NetworkNPN11Claims
Northwest Suburban IPA (IL)36346Claims
Northwestern National LifePH018Claims
Northwood HealthcareNWOODClaims
Nova Healthcare Administrators, Inc. (Grand Island, NY)16644Claims
NovaNet (Please contact payer directly for payer ID (770)729-1997 ext. 220.)CALLClaims
NOVASYS Health Network68069Claims
NW Diagnostic Clinic/SelectCare of Texas (NWDC)62119Claims
NX Health Network44412Claims
NY Central FEP (Federal Employee Program) Blue ShieldN2FEPClaims
NYS DOH UCP14142Claims
Oak West Physician Association36400Claims
Occular BenefitsL0140Claims
ODS Health Plan13350Claims
Ohio Health Choice PPO34189Claims
Ohio PPO Connect74431Claims
OLOLRMC Uninsured Patient Services ProgramOLRMCClaims
Olympus Management Health Care65074Claims
OMNI Administrators / CHP (Enrollment required, please contact Provider Relations 801-352-7270) (NOTE that this payer accepts Chiropractic claims only.)U1439Claims
OmniCare (For claims with Dates of Service after 10/01/04)25150Claims
Omnicare IPAOMN02Claims
Oncology Network of Orange County.ONOCIClaims
One Call Medical22321Claims
One Health Plan of California95379Claims
One Health Plan of Colorado95412Claims
One Health Plan of Illinois95388Claims
OPEIU Locals 30 & 537BPA01Claims
Operating Engineers Local No 5374234Claims
Operating Engineers Locals 302 & 612 Health & Security Fund - Grp#F1291136Claims
Opticare Eye Health Network56190Claims
Opticare Eye Health Network (Envolve Benefit Option)56190Claims
Opticare of UtahOPCAUClaims
Optima Insurance Company54154Claims
Optimum Healthcare, Inc.20133Claims
Optum Care Network of ConnecticutE3287Claims
Optum Maryland Behavioral HealthOMDBHClaims
OptumCare / AZ, UT (formerly Lifeprint Network)LIFE1Claims
OptumHealth (OptumHealth Behavior Solutions) formerly United Behavioral Health and Pacificare Behavioral Health), former payerID 3305387726Claims
OptumHealth (OptumHealth Behavioral Solutions of NM)87726Claims
OptumHealth Complex Medical Conditions (CMC) (formerly OptumHealth Care Solutions and United Resource Networks) (Former payerID 52190)41194Claims
OptumHealth Physical Health - includes Oxford (former payer id 41159, 41160)41161Claims
OptumHealth Salt Lake CountyU6885Claims
Orange Coast Memorial IPAMHIPAClaims
Oregon Health Mgmt OHMS aka Primary Health of JosephineOHMSPClaims
Oregon's Health CO-OP45332Claims
Orthonet - AETNA13383Claims
Oscar HealthOSCARClaims
OSF Health Plans61101Claims
OSG-Michael Reese37127Claims
Oxford Health Plans06111Claims
Oxford Medicare Network (AARP MedicareComplete insured through UnitedHealthcare )87726Claims
P3 Health Partners -Arizona58375Claims
P5 Health87068Claims
PA Preferred Health (Call PPHN Claims Operations at 410-349-3222)CALLClaims
Pace Central Iowa72436Claims
PACE CNY70454Claims
Pace Nebraska35416Claims
Pace of Southwest Michigan Inc.45114Claims
Pace Southeast Michigan86711Claims
Pace Southwest Iowa53534Claims
Pacific Southwest Administrators (PSWA)75309Claims
PacifiCare Life and Health Insurance Company (UnitedHealthOne)81400Claims
PacificSource Administrators93031Claims
PacificSource Commercial93029Claims
Pacificsource Medicare20377Claims
Pacificsource OHPCOIHSClaims
Palladian Muscular Skeletal Health (Formerly Prism Health Networks)37268Claims
Palo Alto Medical FoundationIP132Claims
Pan American Life Insurance04218Claims
Paper Claims (ENS will print and mail the claims submitted with the payerID of PRINT)PRINTClaims
Paramount HealthSX158Claims
Parity Healthcare, Inc.58204Claims
Parkland Community Health Plan66917Claims
Partners Behavioral Health13141Claims
Partners Health Plan14966Claims
Partnership Health Plan (Client must contact OptumInsight Enrollments Department for enrollment forms.)PHP02Claims
Pasadena Primary Care PhysiciansIP080Claims
Passport Advantage (Effective 7-1-18 new PID 66008, former payer ID 97652)66008Claims
Passport Health Plan61325Claims
Patient AccessPAN01Claims
Patient Advocates, LLC10525Claims
Payer Fusion27048Claims
Peach State Health Plan (Behavioral Health)68069Claims
Peach State Health Plan (Medicaid) (Call 800-225-2573 ext 25525 prior to submitting claims.)68069Claims
Peak Pace Solutions27034Claims
PEHP - Utah Public Employee Health Plan (Enrollment required, please contact Provider Relations 800-765-7347)SX106Claims
Pediatric Associates of Broward20472Claims
Peninsula HealthcareVABLSClaims
Penn Behavioral Health53226Claims
Pennsylvania Keystone Health Plan East (claims only)PCBLSClaims
Pennsylvania Keystone Health Plan East (encounters only)PEBLSClaims
Pennsylvania Life Insurance23130Claims
Pennsylvania Pace20172Claims
Peoples Health Network (Tenet) (Network ID must be on claim. Contact phn.provider@tenethealth.com)72126Claims
Personal Choice PPO of Pennsylvania (Also know as Independent BLC)54704Claims
Personal Insurance Administrators95397Claims
PHCS Maxor Administrative ServicesA0047Claims
PHCS Savility (ONLY for Savility card members.)13306Claims
Phifer Wire Insurance (Per request from Payer, claims are printed and mailed.)PHIF4Claims
Phoenix Choice55649Claims
Phoenix Health Plan03440Claims
PHX Teamsters UT/MT/ID (For Dates of Service after 05/01/16)CX100Claims
Physician Associates of Greater San Gabriel ValleyPA513Claims
Physician Associates of Louisiana (PAL)58204Claims
Physician Health Cooperative/SRRIPA ( This Payer ID should be used for Stones River Regional IPA Humana Claims)57549Claims
Physician Partners IPAPPRT1Claims
Physicians Care Network38265Claims
Physicians Care Network (Rockford, IL Only) PayerID valid only for claims with billing submission name, city and state of Physicians Care Network, Rockford, IL.36345Claims
Physicians Care Network/The PolyclinicPCN12Claims
Physicians Choice Medical Group of Santa MariaMCI01Claims
Physicians Choice Medical Grp of San Luis Obispo (formerly San Luis Obispo Select IPA)SLOS1Claims
Physicians Corporation of America (Florida Plan Only)65018Claims
Physicians Health Association of Illinois37136Claims
Physicians Health Choice - Claims (Administered by Wellmed)PHCS1Claims
Physicians Health Collaborative20398Claims
Physicians Health NetworkMHCM2Claims
Physicians Health Plan (For behavioral Health claims processing, see documents sent to your office from the payer.)37330Claims
Physicians Health Plan (PHP-SC)09173Claims
Physicians Health Plan of Northern Indiana12399Claims
Physicians Healthways IPAPHIPAClaims
Physicians Medical Group of Santa Cruz CountyPMGSCClaims
Physicians Mutual Insurance Company47027Claims
Physicians of Southwest Washington91171Claims
Physicians Plus Insurance Corp.39156Claims
PIH Health (Formerly Bright Health Plan)BHP01Claims
Pinnacol AssuranceCCIA1Claims
Pioneer Provider NetworkPPNZZClaims
Pipe Industry Health & Welfare Fund of ColoradoCOMPUClaims
Pittsburgh Care Partnership23283Claims
Planned Administrators, Inc. (PAI)37287Claims
PMG of San JosePMGSJClaims
Podiatry Network FL59324Claims
Point Comfort UnderwritersPCU01Claims
Point Comfort Underwriters (Payer not accepting electronic claims until February 1st, 2017)PCU02Claims
Pomona Valley Medical Group (PVMG) ProMedIP057Claims
Populytics (formerly Spectrum Administrators)23253Claims
PPO Oklahoma (WinterBrook HealthCare Management)73159Claims
PPO Plus, LLC72148Claims
Prairie States Enterprises, Inc.36373Claims
Preferred Administrator (Contact Provider Relations @ (915)532- 2778, x1068)EPF10Claims
Preferred Benefit Administrators53476Claims
Preferred Care Partners (Encounters from delegated entities only. To get payerID, call Jeff Nehms at 305-670-8440.)CALLClaims
Preferred Care Partners / FL65088Claims
Preferred Community Choice73145Claims
Preferred Health Care - PPO Lancaster, PA (IHS Gateway Payer) - Contact Sherry Wolgemuth at (717)560-9290 ext. 124 for approval and the Payer ID.CALLClaims
Preferred Health Plan (Louisville, KY previous payer ID 61106 )87815Claims
Preferred Health Professionals31478Claims
Preferred Health Professionals Kansas City00036Claims
Preferred Health Systems Insurance Co (PPO)61665Claims
Preferred Health Systems, Inc.60110Claims
Preferred IPAPFIPAClaims
Preferred MedicareL0250Claims
Preferred Network Access36401Claims
Preferred One41147Claims
Premier Eye Care65054Claims
Premier Health Plan251PRClaims
Premier Healthcare Exchange88051Claims
Premier HealthCare Exchange (Cypress)88056Claims
Presbyterian Health Plan (Commercial) (Provider ID is required. Contact (888) 923-5757, #6 then #2 to obtain ID. New Mexico Providers only.)PREHPClaims
Presbyterian Salud (Please add provider number in 2010AA REF02 or 2310B REF02 Number is 11 digits or less. Contact 888-923-5757, #6,#2 to obtain ID.)PRESAClaims
Presence ERC46311Claims
Prestige Health Choice (Payer is effective 5/1/2014 Managed Medicaid Plan. For EDI Support, please email edi.phc@amerihealthcaritas.com or call 800-617-5727)77003Claims
Prevea360 Health Plan39113Claims
Prevea Health Insurance Plan39185Claims
Primary Care Assoc of California (Customer Service Phone Number 877-602-1563)PCACZClaims
Primary Care of JolietPCJOLClaims
Primary Choice (Aetna HP-NY/NJ)60054Claims
Primary Delivery Systems73288Claims
Primary Health Network82048Claims
Primary PhysicianCare, Inc.(Now known as HealthGram)56144Claims
Prime Community Care Central ValleyMVCV1Claims
Prime West Health Plan61604Claims
PrimeCare Health PlanIP079Claims
PrimeSource Health Network04320Claims
Principal Financial Group (Vision Claims only.)61271Claims
Priority Health (Please contact Priority Health EDI Dept at 616-464- 8686 or email EDISETUP@Priority-Health.com)38217Claims
Priority HealthcareVABLSClaims
Prism Health Networks (Now known as Palladian Muscular Skeletal Health )37268Claims
Prism Univera37315Claims
ProCare Health Plan Medicaid (Use payer ID 70259 for dates of service 12-31-19 and prior.Use payer ID 38224 for claims with a date of service 01-01-20 and greater.)70259Claims
Productive Processing Inc.13396Claims
Professional Benefit Administrators, Inc. (Oak Brook, IL)36331Claims
Professional Claims Management37242Claims
Professional Claims Manangement56001Claims
Prominence Health Plan Encounters88082Claims
Prominence Health Plan of Nevada93082Claims
Prominence Health Plan of Texas80095Claims
Prospect Medical GroupPROSPClaims
Protective Life Insurance Company37309Claims
Providence Choice OptionPHP01Claims
Providence Good Health PlanPHP01Claims
Providence Health PlanSX133Claims
Providence Health PPOSX187Claims
Providence Insurance & Administrative ServicesPAS01Claims
Providence Preferred (PPO) (ProviderID and Enrollment required.)PHP00Claims
Provident Life & Accident Insurance Company68195Claims
Provident Life & Accident Insurance Company of America68195Claims
Provident Life & Casualty Insurance Company68195Claims
Provider Partners Health Plan Illinois31401Claims
ProviDRs Care Network48100Claims
PruCare HMO (Encounters Only)HM015Claims
Prudent Medical GroupMPM25Claims
Prudential EncountersHM015Claims
Pruitt Health PremierPH001Claims
Puget Sound Benefits Trust - Grp#F2591136Claims
Puget Sound Electrical Workers Trust - Grp#3391136Claims
Quad Cities Community Health PlanSISCOClaims
Quad City Community Healthcare (QCCH)40437Claims
Qual Choice of Arkansas (formerly payer ID 35174)58379Claims
QualCare Alliance Networks Inc. (Qani)22312Claims
Quality Care Partners89461Claims
QuantumCare (We Care Health Plan)QCTPAClaims
Quartz Administrative Services Organization (ASO)46571Claims
Questcare Medical (USC)84562Claims
Quicktrip Corporation73067Claims
QVI Risk Solutions, Inc.57117Claims
Radcon, Inc. (Please contact Kathy King @ 856-608-1350 for Payer ID information.)CALLClaims
Rady Children's Health NetworkRCHN1Claims
RBMS, LLC91176Claims
Redlands IPA (Synermed)SYMEDClaims
Regal Medical GroupREGALClaims
Regence BCBS Oregon00851Claims
Regence Blue Shield of Washington00932Claims
Regence Group AdministratorsRGA01Claims
Regional Care, Inc.47076Claims
Rehn and AssociatesREHNAClaims
RELIASTAR (Formerly NWNL)PH018Claims
Renaissance Physicians Organization76066Claims
Reserve National Insurance (For Claims rejections, please contact Reserve national Customer Service at (405)848-7931.)73066Claims
Resolve Health Plan Administrators (Authorization number required: begins with the number 5 and is 13 characters in length.)20481Claims
ResourceOne Administrators58200Claims
Resurrection Physician Provider GroupRPPG1Claims
Revclaims (Provides TPL benefits services for Providers. Providers must be contracted with RevClaims to submit claims. For more info, call 601-345-8500.)RVC01Claims
Right Care from Scott & White74205Claims
RightChoice Benefits Administrators37331Claims
Riverside Health, Inc45281Claims
RMSCO, Inc.16117Claims
Rocky Mountain Health Plan Grand JunctionSX141Claims
Rocky Mountain HMORMHMOClaims
Rooney Life Ins.37602Claims
Royal Health Care (Extended Care MTC)46166Claims
Rush Prudential Health Plans (HMO Only)36389Claims
S & S Healthcare Strategies31441Claims
Sagamore Health Network, Inc.35164Claims
Sage PlusMNDH1Claims
Sage Technologies (Formerly CCMSI) (Claims for payer address of Rockford, IL ONLY.)37105Claims
Saint Anthony PHOSTA01Claims
Saint Marys Health Plan88029Claims
Samaritan AdvantageSAMADClaims
Samaritan Choice PlanSAMCPClaims
Samaritan Employer Group PlanSAM00Claims
San Bernardino Medical GroupSBMEDClaims
San Diego County Medical Services (CMS)MSO11Claims
San Diego County Physician Emergency ServicesMSO22Claims
San Diego County Ryan White Primary Care ProgramMSO33Claims
San Diego County Sheriffs DepartmentMSO55Claims
San Diego PACE96400Claims
San Luis Obispo Select IPA33072Claims
Sandhills CenterSHC30Claims
Sanford Health PlanMNSHPClaims
Santa Clara County IPASCACOClaims
Santa Clara Family Health Plans24077Claims
Santa Clara IPA HMO10378Claims
Sante Community Physicians Medical Group Corp.SNTMCClaims
Sante Health Systems77038Claims
Satellite Health Plan, Inc (Satellite Health Plan is a MA ESRD C-SNP effective 1/1/14. First Time submitters, please fax a W9 to 650-625- 6083)45552Claims
Saudi Health MissionSHM01Claims
SC BCBS Companion HealthSC922Claims
SC BCBS Planned AdministratorsSC886Claims
SC BCBS State Employee Health PlanSC400Claims
SC FEP Blue CrossSC402Claims
Scan CASCAN1Claims
SCAN Encounters (Diversified Data Design (DDD))99157Claims
SCAN Health Plan72261Claims
Scan Health Plan Arizona73172Claims
SCAN Long Term Care20460Claims
SCHC Total Care16146Claims
Scott & White Health Care88030Claims
Scripps Health Plan MSOSHPM1Claims
Scripps Health Plan ServicesSHPS1Claims
Seaside Health Plan (Starting with DOS 9/1/2013)46187Claims
Seaview IPASVIPAClaims
Secure Health of Georgia28530Claims
Security Administrative Systems35202Claims
Security Health Plan39045Claims
SeeChange HealthPlanSCHP1Claims
Select Benefit Administrators (PayerID valid for claims submission address of PO Box 8339, Des Moines, IA 50301)42137Claims
Select Benefit Administrators of America37282Claims
Select Choice60054Claims
Select Health of South Carolina23285Claims
SelectCare of OK - TributeSCOK1Claims
SelectCare of Texas (HPN) Heritage Physicians Network76045Claims
SelectCare of TX (Beaumont) (Provider ID Required - Contact (713) 843-6780 to obtain ID.)GTPA1Claims
SelectCare of TX (Houston) (Provider ID Required - Contact (713) 843- 6780 to obtain ID.)HPN11Claims
SelectCare of TX (Kelsey-Seybold) (Provider ID Required - Contact (713) 843-6780 to obtain ID.)KLSY1Claims
SelectHealth (Formerly IHC) (Contact payer at 801-442-5442 before sending claims to verify provider numbers.)UH107Claims
Self Insured Benefit Administrators59111Claims
Self Insured Plans, LLC36404Claims
Self-Funded Plans (IL, PA, OH)34131Claims
Selman Tricare Supplement PlansTRSELClaims
Sendero HealthSCS17Claims
Sendero IdealCare11440Claims
Sendero IdealCare (For DOS on or after 01-01-2019)MV440Claims
Senior Choice (Aetna HP-NY/NJ)60054Claims
Senior Smart Choice95444Claims
Senior Whole Health83035Claims
Sentara Family Plan54154Claims
Sentara Health Management54154Claims
Sentara Mental Health Professional5415MClaims
Sentinel Management Services23249Claims
Seoul Medical GroupIP080Claims
Seoul Medical GroupAMM07Claims
Sequoia Health IPAALG01Claims
Seton CHIP (Provider ID required.)SHPCHClaims
Seton Employee PlanSHEBPClaims
Seton StarSTAR1Claims
Seven Corners25404Claims
Sharp Community Medical GroupSCMG1Claims
Sharp Health PlanSHP01Claims
Sharp Rees-Stealy Med GroupSRS83Claims
Shasta Administrative Services75280Claims
Sheakley Unicomp10002Claims
Sheet Metal Workers Local 104 (PayerID valid for submission add of PO Box 1138, San Ramon, CA 94583.)38238Claims
Sieba, LTD.03699Claims
Sierra Health and Life76342Claims
Sierra Health and Life (Encounters)76342Claims
Sierra Health and Life (FFS Claims) (SecureHorizons by UnitedHealthcare)76342Claims
Sierra Health Services Encounters76342Claims
Sierra Medical Group (Customer Service 661-480-2047)SMG01Claims
Significa Benefit Services, Inc.23250Claims
Silver Cross Managed Care OrganizationNASCRClaims
Silver Star Pace97691Claims
Silverback TPA37228Claims
SilverSummit Health Plan68069Claims
Simply HealthCare Plans (new payer ID SMPLY as of 12-1-2018)SMPLYClaims
Sinclair Health Plan84076Claims
Smith AdministratorsSMITHClaims
Smoky Mountain Center13010Claims
Solidarity Healthshare77721Claims
Solis Health PlansSOLISClaims
Sound Health91131Claims
Soundpath Health (Formerly known as Puget Sound Health Partners, Inc.)42172Claims
South Atlantic Medical GroupSAMG1Claims
South Central Preferred - PPO York, PA (IHS Gateway Payer) ( Contact Jane Grove for South Central Preferred (717) 851-6715.)CALLClaims
South County Health Alliance (previously under Payer ID 41154)81600Claims
South Dakota Chiropractic (Sanford Health Plan)CASD2Claims
South Florida Common Services59065Claims
South Florida Musculoskeletal Care06294Claims
South Indiana Health Options - HMOSX142Claims
Southcare / Healthcare Preferred25147Claims
Southeast Iowa Health Plan (Provider ID Required)86068Claims
Southern Cal Physicians Managed Care ServicesSCP01Claims
Southern California Bakery Drivers Security FundNWADMClaims
Southern California Health Care System aka(CHS Alta Pod by Medpoint and SCHS Alto Pod by MedPointMPM20Claims
Southland IPASIPA1Claims
Southwest Physicians GroupSWPG1Claims
Southwest Service AdministratorsCX100Claims
Southwest Service Life37266Claims
Spencer Stuart ARM Ltd.38416Claims
St James PHO (Call payer for payer ID)CALLClaims
St Joseph HealthIP062Claims
St Mary's IPASMIPAClaims
St. Barnabas System Health Plan22240Claims
St. Joe High DesertJOEHDClaims
St. John's Claims Administration37264Claims
St. Joseph Heritage HealthcareIP106Claims
St. Joseph HUMBOLT CountyIP059Claims
St. Therese Physician Association37116Claims
St.. Mary's Health Plan Encounters88082Claims
Standard Life & Accident (Payer accepts secondary claims only, and Medicare cannot be primary payer.)01758Claims
Standard Life & Accident Insurance Co.(Payer only accepts Secondary claims and then only if Primary payer is not Medicare.)73099Claims
State Employees Group BenefitsLABLSClaims
State Farm (Property & Casualty )31059Claims
State Farm Homeowners Group Medical Plans (Note that payer requires Insured's ID of 11 or 12 digits and exact structure. Otherwise claims will reject.)31053Claims
State Farm Workers Compensation Plans (Note that payer requires Insured's ID of 11 or 12 digits and exact structure. Otherwise claims will reject.)31053Claims
State Merit GAGABLSClaims
Sterling Medicare Advantage (Claims containing Dates of service after 4-30-2014, claims should be sent to Wellcare, PayerID 14163)67829Claims
Stoner & Associates31121Claims
Stones River IPA Amerivantage57492Claims
Stones River Regional IPA - The Physicians ACO28943Claims
Stones River Regional IPA - Windsor15752Claims
Stones River Regional IPA/BCBST15750Claims
Student Resources (UnitedHealthcare)74227Claims
SummaCare Health Plan95202Claims
Summit Administration Services, Inc.86083Claims
Summit America Insurance Services, Inc. (Student Accident and Sickness, College Sports and NASCC claims only.)37301Claims
Summit Community CarePASSEClaims
SunAmerica Life Ins Co (NFIC Plan only)90956Claims
Sunflower State Healthcare Plan68069Claims
Sunshine Health Plan68069Claims
Sunrise Advantage Plan PennsylvaniaSPA01Claims
Superior Health Plan68069Claims
Superior Insurance Services97802Claims
Superior Vision Services13305Claims
Sutter Connect - Central Valley Med Group (Claims)77035Claims
Sutter Connect - Delta - ClaimsIP100Claims
Sutter Connect - SIP, SMG, SWMG - Encounters onlyHM059Claims
Sutter Connect - Solano Regional Medical Group - ClaimsIP099Claims
Sutter Connect - Sutter Gould Medical Foundation - ClaimsIP091Claims
Sutter Connect East Bay Med FoundationIP130Claims
Sutter Connect East Bay MedicalHM065Claims
Sutter Connect Sutter Medical Group (SMG,SWMG,SIP) (Please contact Sutter to get set up to send claims, 800-611-5191) Per Provider Testing RequiredIP092Claims
Sutter Connect-Palo Alto Medical FoundationSC050Claims
Sutter East Bay Regional Hosp-Affinity ClaimsSC052Claims
Sutter Medical Group of the Redwoods (SMGR) (Please contact Sutter to get setup to send Encounters, 800-611-5191)HM057Claims
Sutter Senior CareSC028Claims
SW Service Administrators53589Claims
Swedish Covenant Hospital36411Claims
Swift Glass Corporation07040Claims
TakeCare Insurance Company98022Claims
Talbert Medical GroupTALMGClaims
Tall Trees Administrators88067Claims
Tattered Cover, Inc.COMPUClaims
Taylor BenefitsTAYLRClaims
Teachers Health Trust88019Claims
Teamsters Local 631 Security Fund for Southern NevadaNWADMClaims
Teamsters Miscellaneous Security Trust FundNWADMClaims
Tech-Steel, Inc.74234Claims
TennCare (Medicaid of Tennessee)TNMCDClaims
Tethys Health Ventures20212Claims
Texas Agricultural Cooperative TrustTXABAClaims
Texas Children's Health Plan76048Claims
Texas Children's Health Plan (Medicaid) (After 10-08-16, submit claims with payerID TXCSM)TXCSMClaims
Texas Childrens Star Medicaid (Enrollment verification calls should be directed to 800-990-TCHP (8247))TXCSMClaims
Texas First Health PlansTX1STClaims
Texas HealthSpringTHS01Claims
Texas PlusHPN11Claims
TexasFirst Health Plan13185Claims
The Alliance of Wisconsin (Only for ID Cards showing PO Box 44365 Madison WI 53744 as mailing address)88461Claims
The Benefit GroupTBGNEClaims
The Boon GroupBOONGClaims
The Care Network68423Claims
The Chesterfield Companies34154Claims
The City of AmarilloCOA01Claims
The City of Odessa75600Claims
The Health Exchange (Cerner Corporation)20356Claims
The Health Plan (Formerly known as Hometown Health Plan of Ohio.)30757Claims
The Health Plan (Upper Ohio Valley)34150Claims
The Healthcare Group (THCG)35206Claims
The Integrity Benefit Network, Inc.58200Claims
The Loomis Company (Call Provider Relations at 610-374-4040 ext. 2438 for procedures prior to submitting electronically.)23223Claims
The MEGA Life and Health Insurance Company-OKC (Valid if PO BOX 548801 Oklahoma City OK 73154.)59227Claims
The Oath - Health Partners of Alabama (Now known as HealthSpring HMO/HealthSpring Medicare+Choice)63092Claims
Thomas Cooper (Provider must be enrolled with SC Blue Shield.)SC315Claims
Three Rivers PreferredMP340Claims
TLC Advantage in Sioux FallsTLC01Claims
TLC Benefit SolutionsTLC79Claims
Today's HealthWITH1Claims
Todays Option (American Progressive and Pyramid Life)14163Claims
Tongass Timber Trust92620Claims
Tooling & Manufacturing Assoc.61425Claims
Torrance Hospital IPATHIPAClaims
Total Care of NY (As of 4-1-18, claims must be submitted with payer ID 16146)TCAREClaims
Total Care of NY (Former payer ID TCARE)16146Claims
Total Carolina Care68069Claims
Total Community Care31182Claims
Total Healthcare, Inc.38201Claims
Touchpoint Solutions CRMTPS01Claims
Touchstone Health PSO23856Claims
Touchstone Health/Health Net Smart13402Claims
TR Paul Inc.37230Claims
Transamerica Life Ins/Monumental Life/Stonebridge LifeTRP1EClaims
Transchoice - Key Benefit Admin37284Claims
Transwestern General Agency74234Claims
Transwestern Insurance Administrators, Inc.TRAN1Claims
Travis County MAP - MediviewTCMAPClaims
Triad Healthcare Inc39181Claims
Tribute Health Plan (Formerly Central Benefits National.)31118Claims
Tricare East (effective 01-01-2018)TRESTClaims
Tricare for Life (All Regions 1-12)TDDIRClaims
Tricare OverseasFORENClaims
TRICARE West / UnitedHealthcare Military & Veterans (formerly TriWest)99726Claims
TriHealth Physician Solutions31144Claims
Trilogy Health Network62777Claims
Tri-Valley Medical Group20538Claims
Trinity Health PaceTRNPCClaims
Triple S97300Claims
Triplefin LLC64300Claims
Trusted Health PlanL0230Claims
Trusteed Plans Service Corporation91078Claims
Trustmark (Includes Starmark & TMA)61425Claims
Tuality HealthTHA01Claims
Tuality Health SelectTHASCClaims
Tufts Associated Health04298Claims
UC Davis Health SystemsUCDMGClaims
UCare Individual & Family Plans55413Claims
Ucare of Minnesota (Use payer ID 52629 for DOS in 2018. Use new payer ID 55413 for UCare Individual & Family Plans with DOS in 2019)52629Claims
UC-Davis Health94603Claims
UCHealth Plan Administrators (As of 8/1/14 CSMED, UMA & Phycor combined)84132Claims
UCLA Medical GroupUSMBPClaims
UCS (Electrical Workers Insurance Fund Local 5800)93235Claims
UFCW Local 400-5205 (Submitters to UFCW must register with CA Blue Shield at www.blueshieldca.com/provider. If registration NOT completed, claims will reject.)BS001Claims
UICI Administrators - State of Nevada75245Claims
UHA Health InsuranceUHA01Claims
Ultimate Health Plan77022Claims
Ultra Benfits Inc.41206Claims
UMC Health Plan75130Claims
UMR (formerly UMR Wausau) former payer ids 31107, 33108, 74223, 75196, 75243)39026Claims
UMWA Health & Retirement Funds52180Claims
Unicare Life & Health Insurance Company80314Claims
Unified Group Services35198Claims
Unified Health Services62170Claims
Unified Physicians Network (For Claims rejections, please contact Unified Physicians claim department at 847-763-1700)34638Claims
Uniformed Service Family Health Plan13407Claims
Union Pacific Railroad Employees Health Systems87042Claims
Unite HereUNITEClaims
United Agriculture Benefit TrustUABT1Claims
United Care Medical GroupADCUCClaims
United Food & Commercial Workers UFCW Local 152921850Claims
United Food and Commmercial Workers Midwest Unions36659Claims
United of Omaha71412Claims
UnitedHealthcare (Definity Health Plan) former payer ID 6415987726Claims
UnitedHealthcare (Empire Plan)87726Claims
UnitedHealthcare / All Savers Alternate Funding81400Claims
UnitedHealthcare / All Savers Insurance81400Claims
UnitedHealthcare / Oxford06111Claims
UnitedHealthcare / Spectera Eyecare Networks00773Claims
UnitedHealthcare / StudentResources74227Claims
UnitedHealthcare / UHIS-UnitedHealthcare Integrated Services39026Claims
UnitedHealthcare / UnitedHealthcare of the Mid-Atlantic, MD IPA, Optimum Choice and MAMSI Life and Health (formerly MAMSI) (Former payer ID 52148)87726Claims
UnitedHealthcare / UnitedHealthcare Plan of the River Valley (formerly John Deere Healthcare) former payer id 9537887726Claims
UnitedHealthcare Community Plan / Arizona Long Term Care87726Claims
UnitedHealthcare Community Plan / Arizona Long Term Care - BH & SNP03432Claims
UnitedHealthcare Community Plan / AZ (formerly Arizona Physicians IPA and APIPA)03432Claims
UnitedHealthcare Community Plan / CA, DE, FL, HI, IA, LA, MA, MD, MS, NC, NE, NM, NY, OH, OK, PA, RI, TX, VA, WA, WI (formerly AmeriChoice or Unison) NC and OK effective 1/1/2018; former payer id 25175, 86002, 86003, 86048, 86049, 9537887726Claims
UnitedHealthcare Community Plan / Children's Rehabilitative Services (CRS) former payer id 8772603432Claims
UnitedHealthcare Community Plan / KS - KanCare96385Claims
UnitedHealthcare Community Plan / MI (formerly Great Lakes Health Plan)95467Claims
UnitedHealthcare Community Plan / NJ (formerly AmeriChoice NJ Medicaid, NJ Family Care, NJ Personal Care Plus) former payer id 8600186047Claims
UnitedHealthcare Community Plan / TN (formerly AmeriChoice TN: TennCare, Secure Plus Complete)95378Claims
UnitedHealthcare Community Plan / UnitedHealthcare Dual Complete (formerly Evercare)87726Claims
UnitedHealthcare Community Plan / UnitedHealthcare Long Term Care (formerly Evercare)87726Claims
UnitedHealthcare Community Plan Missouri86050Claims
UnitedHealthcare Dual Complete - Oxford Medicare Network (UnitedHealthcare Community)87726Claims
UnitedHealthcare Medicare Solutions (UnitedHealthcare Group Medicare Advantage)87726Claims
UnitedHealthcare Medicare Solutions / Care Improvement Plus (CIP), XLHealth former payer id 7708287726Claims
UnitedHealthcare Medicare Solutions / UnitedHealthcare Chronic Complete (formerly Evercare)87726Claims
UnitedHealthcare Medicare Solutions / UnitedHealthcare MedicareComplete (formerly SecureHorizons)87726Claims
UnitedHealthcare Medicare Solutions / UnitedHealthcare MedicareDirect (formerly SecureHorizons)87726Claims
UnitedHealthcare Medicare Solutions / UnitedHealthcare Nursing Home Plan (formerly Evercare)87726Claims
UnitedHealthcare Military & Veterans / TRICARE West99726Claims
UnitedHealthcare Vision00773Claims
UnitedHealthcare West / Encounters (formerly PacifiCare)95958Claims
UnitedHealthcare West / UnitedHealthcare of CA, OK, OR, TX, WA and PacifiCare of AZ, CO, NV87726Claims
UnitedHealthOne / UnitedHealthcare Life Insurance Company - Golden Rule37602Claims
UnitedHealthOne / UnitedHealthcare Life Insurance Company (formerly American Medical Security)81400Claims
Unity Health Insurance66705Claims
Univera Community Health15003Claims
Univera Health Care Plan/ChoiceCare BuffaloSX087Claims
Univera Healthcare - CNYHC001Claims
Univera Healthcare (SSA)SX091Claims
Univera Traditional PPOUNINWClaims
Universal Care - California (ProviderID required.)33001Claims
University Family Care09830Claims
University Family Care - Healthcare Group07503Claims
University Family Care - Maricopa Health Plan09908Claims
University Health Alliance99026Claims
University Health Care Advantage46407Claims
University Healthcare Marketplace45437Claims
University of IllinoisUIC67Claims
University of Maryland Health Advantage45282Claims
University of Utah Health PlansSX155Claims
University of Washington Students & Graduate Appts. - Grp#P6791136Claims
Upland Medical Group (Customer Service Phone number, (909) 291- 4400)IP056Claims
UPMC Health Plan23281Claims
Upper Peninsula Health Group TPA37324Claims
Upper Peninsula Health Plan38337Claims
US Benefits93092Claims
US Family Health Plan (USFHP)USFHPClaims
US Virgin Islands MedicaidSKVI0Claims
US Network and Administrative ServicesUSN01Claims
Utah Carpenters74234Claims
Utah Laborers74234Claims
Utah Pipe Trades74234Claims
Utica NY FEP (Federal Employee Program) Blue ShieldN4FEPClaims
VA Community Care Network Region 1 (Effective for 837P claims with DOS on or after 07/29/2019)VACCNClaims
VA Community Care Network for Dental Providers Region 1 (Effective for Dental claims with DOS on or after 06/26/2019)VACCNClaims
VA Community Care Network Region 2 (Effective for 837P claims with DOS on or after 10/08/2019)VACCNClaims
VA Community Care Network for Dental Providers Region 2 (Effective for Dental claims with DOS on or after 10/08/2019)VACCNClaims
VA Community Care Network Region 3 (Effective for 837P claims with DOS on or after 01/07/2020)VACCNClaims
VA Community Care Network for Dental Providers Region 3 (Effective for Dental claims with DOS on or after 01/07/2020)VACCNClaims
VA Fee Basis Programs12115Claims
VA Patient Centered Community Care Program (VAPCCC) Region 3VAP33Claims
VA Patient Centered Community Care Program Regions 1,2 and 4 (Please include the VA authorization number when submitting claims.)68021Claims
VA Patient Centered Community Care Region 6VAPC6Claims
VA Patient-Centered Community Care Program (VAPCCC) Region 5AVAPC3Claims
VA State Employer FundsVABLSClaims
Valir Pace (Formerly Via Christi Hope)48123Claims
Valley Care IPA (Customer Service 805-604-3332)VCIPAClaims
Valley Health AdministratorsVHA11Claims
Valley Health PlanVHP01Claims
Valley Mental Health94293Claims
Value Options Colorado Medicaid00815Claims
Value Options Commercial Claims00813Claims
Value Options Maryland00823Claims
Value Options Pennsylvania Medicaid00817Claims
Value Options Texas Northstar00818Claims
ValueOptions/MBHP (For claim rejections please contact e- SupportServices@valueoptions.com or 888-247-9311)43307Claims
Vantage Health Plan, Inc.72128Claims
Vantage Medical GroupPPM01Claims
VAPCCC Region 5B55916Claims
Ventura County Healthcare PlanVCHCPClaims
Verity National Group75256Claims
Verity PlusVMMH2Claims
VestaCare / RH AdminVESTAClaims
Vida Care (Now known as Amida Care.)24818Claims
Virginia Coordinated Care84806Claims
Virginia Health Network,Inc (To get the payerID, call payer at (804)320-3837)CALLClaims
Virginia Premier Preferred Gold251VAClaims
Virginia Premier Health Plans (Effective 02-01-2019, former payer IDs VPEP1, 54176, VPELT, VPCCP, VPHP1,VPCCI, MAPDI, 12K83, MAPDP)VAPRMClaims
Vista Oncology New Century Infusion SolutionsNCH08Claims
Viva Health Plan63114Claims
VNA Homecare Options31626Claims
VNS Choice Medicare (Formerly Visiting Nurse Service)77073Claims
Volusia Health Network59266Claims
VYTRA Healthcare (Provider ID number required. Please call 1-631- 420-4100, opt 4, opt 4 for payer set-up and payer assigned provider ID number.)22264Claims
WA Blue Cross Regence (UMP)00932Claims
Wabash Memorial Hospital Association85256Claims
Washington County Health and Human ServicesWCHHSClaims
Washington State Labor and IndustryWALAIClaims
Washington State Premera Blue CrossWABLCClaims
Waterstone Benefit Administrators73155Claims
Watts Healthcare Corp IPAMPM09Claims
WEA Insurance Group39151Claims
Weiss Health Providers36337Claims
Wellcare Health Plan, Inc. (Encounters only)59354Claims
Wellcare HMO, Inc.14163Claims
Wellcare of CT14164Claims
Wellcare of NY14164Claims
WellFirst Health39113Claims
WellMed (Claims)WELM2Claims
WellMed (Encounters)WELMDClaims
WellSpan Plus23266Claims
WellSystems, LLC35245Claims
Wenatchee Valley Medical Center91064Claims
West Coast Stationary Engineers Health & Security Trust Fund - Grp#F1391136Claims
West Suburban Health Providers80942Claims
West Virginia Family Health45276Claims
West Virginia Senior ChoiceWVS01Claims
Western Care39065Claims
Western Grower's Assurance Trust24735Claims
Western Grower's Insurance Company24735Claims
Western Life Ins. Benefit Plan (FORTIS)39065Claims
Western Mutual Insurance37247Claims
Western Oregon Advanced HealthDOCSOClaims
Western Sky Community Care68069Claims
Western Oregon Advanced HealthWOAHMClaims
Western Southern Financial Group31048Claims
WestLake Financial Group, Inc.90560Claims
Weyco Inc.38232Claims
Willamette Valley Community Health CCO (Formerly known as Marion Polk Health Plan)MPCHPClaims
William C. Earhart Co, Inc.93050Claims
William J Sutton & Co. Ltd.98010Claims
Willow HealthWHLTHClaims
Wilson McShane41095Claims
WIN Healthcare (Woman's Integrated Network, Inc.)13413Claims
Wisconsin Dept of CorrectionsVEST1Claims
Woodman Accident and Life Co (AICT Plans only)81949Claims
Worksite Benefit Services20333Claims
WPP Eldercare Wisconsin77080Claims
WPPA-ProviDRs Care Network77080Claims
WPS CommercialOOWPSClaims
Wyoming School Boards Association Insurance TrustWYSCHClaims
Yale University Health Plan60646Claims
Yam Hill CCO-PHTechYAMHLClaims
Yerington Paiute Tribe51350Claims
Zebra Health HC88858Claims
Zurich Insurance16535Claims