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Electronic Claims

Electronic billing and submiting claims can be a challenge and time consuming for modern healthcare providers. HCRnet offers hospitals and physicians powerful, flexible, and easy-to-use solutions to track all primary and secondary electronic claims through the entire processing cycle enabling providers to create faster, more efficient adjudication, increase acceptance rates, improve workflow and track claims every step of the way. Avoiding the mail system, an electronic claim can arrive at a carrier's office within 24 hours and be ready to be paid by their processing systems. In addition, electronic claims can be scrubbed and checked for data errors reducing time and cost of re-filing claims with missing or incorrect information.

HCRnet claim submission sytem enables you to submit claims using your web browser ( no new software or hardware is required or any upgrade does not prevent you from using our system), view reports from us and payers, and track your claims. To submit claims to our system, first use your practice mangement system to store the claims you want to submit in a file on your system, then launch your browser and goto hcrnet's web address. Enter your user id and login name, then tab the Upload File button and search the file you created on your system to upload and press the Send File button.

Additional online services include Claim Status Reports , Rejection Analysis and online secondary claims submission.